The Rebirth of Rockhill House


The Rebirth of Rockhill House

Works are advancing significantly on the restoration of the historic Rockhill House on the outskirts of Letterkenny.

The former country estate and Irish Army barracks is currently being brought back to its former glory by the Molloy family who run Green Pastures dairy company in Convoy.

They bought the historic 30 acre site for €670,000 in November 2014.

John Molloy says while they are focused on the restoration they must be aware of the potential commercial outlook for the site in the future.

He explained: “Given the state of the house when we acquired it and the extent of the restoration works required, Rockhill House must, in the cold reality of today’s world, be commercially viable for long-term sustainability. How we achieve this sustainability and protect the house and its environment into the future while at the same time generate further sustainable employment opportunities has exercise our minds greatly over the past 18 months or so. In this regard we would like to especially thank the county manager and staff of the various departments in Donegal County Council for their positivity and assistance in moving the process on.”

He says he now sees various ways it could be utilised in future.

“Our conclusions at this time is that, as a first phase of our journey, is that the unique features of the restored house and the size of the venue with a mix of banqueting space, accommodation and outdoor facilities, allows Rockhill house to lend itself to delivering an ideal intimate venue for weddings and for very special family celebration events. In the longer term the approach for the house and grounds will be built around its approach to food. A food philosophy of using locally sourced, seasonal, ingredients that are used to create contemporary menus and dishes will be at the heart of the Rockhill House’s approach to supporting primary food production and sustainability within the county and wider region,” he explained.