Number of burglaries in Donegal drops


Number of burglaries in Donegal drops

Donegal has seen a drop in burglaries and burglary-related offences this year, according to a report released by the Central Statistics Office (CSO).

According to the national household survey for Quarter 1 2016, the report shows a steady decline in household burglary with the Donegal Garda Division reporting that there were 55 recorded burglary offences, down from 80 during the same period 12 months previous.

The CSO’s Recorded Crime Quarter 1 survey for 2016 showed there were 23,377 recorded burglary and related offences in Ireland in Q1 of 2016. This is a fall of 5,265 (-18.4%) when compared with the previous 12 months.

This was mostly accounted for by an 18.4% decrease in recorded Burglary offences. The number of Aggravated Burglary offences and Possession of an article (with intent to burgle, steal, demand) also decreased.

Meanwhile, according to the home safety company, PhoneWatch, Irish homeowners are still making it easy for burglars by not taking simple precautions. A recent survey of 1000 homeowners conducted by iReach on behalf of PhoneWatch showed that 41% have left windows open when leaving the house, 38% have left keys hidden in their gardens and 25% have left doors unlocked.