Brexit "calls the future of the UK into question" - Pringle

While most politicians and economists are warning that the UK's decision yesterday to leave the EU will have dire consequences for Ireland, and especially border counties like Donegal, one TD thinks it's good news.

By Sue Doherty @dgldemocrat

Independent TD Thomas Pringle told the Democrat today, " if the Brexit vote brings an end to the EU itself, I wouldn't be too sorry about that.

"It's been negative for the county and nationally, over the last 6-7 years, we've seen the EU's economic warfare against Ireland."

With regard to this week's huge fall in the value of sterling, he said that is nothing new.

"Nobody knows exactly what the impacts will be. A lot has been made lately about the fall in sterling but, in Donegal, we've always lived with these currency fluctuations so nothing has really changed in that regard."

In contrast, Fianna Fáil's Pat the Cope Gallagher TD, who spent many years as an MEP, warned,"The immediate impact will be seen in Donegal and the border counties first. It will take up to three years for the exit to take effect but we're already seeing the results in the reaction of markets across the world."

Saying he's "extremely disappointed" at the outcome of the vote, he commented, "I see no way around it. We'll have to see border controls again."