Tickets winging their way to France

Euro 2016

Tickets winging their way to France

In our last edition on Thurday, we highlighted the plight of the Ardara 3 who were searching desperately for tickets for the Monday night clash in Paris.

Finbar Rock, Peter Ogle Snr. and Tommy Corr from Ardara have been traversing the green fields of France and quite a few pubs in search of these tickets decribed as “l'Or Vert” - green gold.

Immediately after reading their plight in the Donegal Democrat, Alan Herron of Herron Motors in Donegal Town contacted Finbar and told him that Frankie Murrin of Killybegs was ready to go and had the tickets for them all - premium tickets at that!

On Friday afternoon, the Democrat called out to Alan obviously to thank him for his great generosity to the lads. The tickets were waiting for collection and Alan said, “I am absolutely delighted to be able to help out the three lads - they are great ambassadors."