7,575 jobs from drinks sector

7,575 jobs in Donegal are linked to drinks and hospitality sector

7,575 jobs from drinks sector
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A new report reveals that the drinks industry and hospitality sector in Donegal supports 7,575 jobs with a wage bill of €157m.

Research by DCU economist Tony Foley, commissioned by the Drinks Industry Group of Ireland, detailed hospitality sector employment in each Dail Constituency.

In the Donegal constituency there are 365 pubs, 40 licenced hotels, 77 licenced restaurants and 133 off-licences.

The Drinks Industry Group of Ireland launched the Support Your Local campaign for 2016, which seeks to highlight the significant economic contribution that the drinks and hospitality industry makes to communities across Ireland.


The report found that in Donegal the drinks industry and hospitality sector:

* Supports 7,575 jobs

* Has a wage bill of €157m.

Supports €0.8m in agri-output

* Supports 12 wholesalers and 2 producers.

Tony Foley, DCU Economist said: “The national economic impact of the drinks industry and wider hospitality sector is substantial. Of note is the fact that the drinks industry and wider hospitality sector makes a significant contribution to the economic life of towns and villages outside of urban centres. This is supported by the vast network of pubs, restaurants, hotels and independent off-licences which have a presence in every constituency across Ireland. One key driver for growth in the drinks industry is craft – with a huge increase in the number of breweries and distilleries opening across Ireland in recent years.”


Michael Storan, Campaign Manager for Support Your Local said: “In 2016, the Support Your Local campaign will be continuing to highlight the positive contribution of the drinks and wider hospitality sector over the coming months. The drinks and hospitality industry continues to invest, innovate and grow.

“This is an exciting industry with fantastic stories to tell – the huge increase in distilleries and breweries as identified in Tony Foley’s research indicates that we are at the cusp of huge change in the industry.

“When we say ‘Support Your Local’, we are calling on communities to support your local farmer; support your local distillery or brewery; support your local pub, restaurant, hotel or independent off-licence; and support your local community.”