A night of wonderful celebration in Trentagh

A night of wonderful celebration in Trentagh

Around two hundred people celebrated one hundred and eighty years of Trentagh Presbyterian Church on Sunday night.

Reverend Thomas Bruce said that it was a wonderful occasion which was very much enjoyed by all in attendance. 

Trentagh Presbyterian Church is located in a wonderfully picturesque region on the road between Churchill and Kilmacrennan. 

Five previous ministers were in attendance to mark the historic occasion.

One had held tenure in Trentagh Presbyterian Church in 1965. 

”It was wonderful that there were past ministers in attendance. There were five previous ministers there,” Reverend Bruce said. 

Many were fondly remembered on the occasion. 

”It was a mixture of thoughts and thankfulness to God for his faith,” Reverend Bruce said. 

The picturesque church was full  for the evening celebration with members of the congregation coming out in their droves to enjoy the historical event.  

The church rang with wonderful hymns. A group of young girls from the congregation provided wonderful songs to the packed church which created a wonderful and poignant atmosphere. Their song was very much appreciated by those who were present. 

Tea, coffee and buns were enjoyed by many following the Mass.  

“It was a wonderful evening and no one hurried home,” Reverend Bruce said.  

As the evening drew to a close, many stood around talking. There was a lovely relaxed atmosphere and people were happy to see previous ministers and enjoy time with them. The congregation had marked a poignant event in the history of their church that has stood in the locality for almost two centuries. 

Pictured: Edlers and mininsters at the Trentagh Presbyterian Church's 180th Anniversary Service on Sunday the 8th of May. Front from left Rev. Ivan Hunter, Rev. Thomas Bruce, Rev. Allister Kerr, Rev. William McCully, Rev. Joe McCormick and Rev. Joe Fells. Back from left John McMahon, Alan Alexander, Samuel Wasson, Jean Rankin and Robert Rankin. Photo Clive Wasson