Fogle meets Trekkers

Fogle meets Trekkers

One of the world's leading adventurers travelled to Donegal to meet with a group of well-known local globetrotters.

Explorer, TV presenter and writer, Ben Fogle, who is currently researching a new book on the iconic Land Rover visited with the Donegal Ice Road Trekkers who travelled from Scotland to Ireland in their amphibious Land Rover last year. 

The Donegal group, made up of Denis Ferry, Leslie O’Donnell and Paul Doherty,  took their guest on a  trip around Sheephaven Bay in their vehicle and also showed him around the area.

Photographer Paul Doherty said Mr Fogle was “very down to earth” and impressed with the Donegal scenery.

”He is working on a book on land Rovers and he wanted to include our trip in the book. We just toured about with him and showed some areas like Horn Head and he said he was very impressed and would like to come back with his family,” Paul explained.