Risky strategy proves just that as Sinn Féin lose a TD in Donegal

MacLochlainn loses his seat

Risky strategy proves just that as Sinn Féin lose a TD in Donegal

When Sinn Féin opted to run three candidates in this election they regularly told the media that they were aware it was a high risk strategy.

Padraig MacLochlainn who was regarded as a shoe in had the party opted to run him and Pearse Doherty only, has now lost his seat, by a very narrow margin to another outgoing TD, the Independent, Thomas Pringle.

The risk in the strategy is self evident now, but the affable MacLochlainn was gracious as ever when asked for his reaction to his dramatic defeat.

Despite the defeat, MacLochlainn has vowed to work "harder than ever" for the county.

"It went right down the wire for a seat. A lot of people would give their right arm to be in that position. I'm an outgoing TD for five years. It has been a huge honour and in elections you win some and lose some and I wish Thomas Pringle well,” he said.

What I want to say to the people who voted for me, and for the people who voted Sinn Féin, that I am staying and I am going to work harder than ever for them."

Asked if he intends to run for the party he was quick to respond a definite "yes".

"We will take stock of the results of this election, but I'm very proud of the effort we put in. We took 20,000, which is 28%. It is a tremendous vote, so I'm so proud of all the team."