Donegal 6th count result

Donegal 6th count result

Donegal 6th count result

A hoped for 1,00 vote transfer from Niamh Kennedy to her Killybegs neighbour Thomas Pringle didn’t happen and the 700 votes he did get may not be enough to save outgoing TD Thomas Pringle’s seat.

While he has surged ahead of Sinn Fein’s Padraig MacLochlainn, the number crunchers do believe that in two or three counts from now MacLochlainn will squeeze ahead of pringle for the last seat.

All eyes are now on the Sinn Féin vote management.

Meanwhile, fears now that most of south and south west Donegal may end up without a TD is starting to raise eyebrows. Should Pringle fail to get elected, a huge swathe of the county will have no locally based TD.

The count continues at pace in the Aura Leisure Centre with counters now rattling through Paddy Harte’s 3,244 votes which it is anticipated will fall mainly to Joe McHugh of Fine Gael.

Count 6 details

Distribution of Niamh Kennedy’s 2,059 votes

Doherty Gary SF 4,377 +43 4,420

Doherty Pearse SF 10,870 +183 11,053

Gallagher Pat the Cope +247 10,941

Harte Paddy FG 3,133 +111 3,244

Jackson Tim Ind + 282 4,034 +285 4,319

Kennedy Niamh Ind 2,057

Padraig MacLochlainn SF 5961 +47 6008

McHugh Joe FG 8,795 +170 8,965

Pringle Thomas Ind 6,689 +700 7389

Shield Dessie Ind 4,166 +122 4,288