A helping hand in friendly Donegal

A helping hand in friendly Donegal

A local traffic warden went above and beyond the call of duty recently, winning warm praise from the woman he helped.

Niamh Hamill is one of the organisers of Transatlantic Connections, an annual conference that strengthens links between Ireland and the USA.

She described what happened. “One of our USA visitors took a bus from Dublin Airport, got off in Ballyshannon, a bit jet-lagged, and forgot to take her bags off the bus.

“As the bus pulled away, she realised all her belongings were on it.

“Not knowing what to do, she asked local traffic warden Mick Whelan for advice.”

He kindly phoned a friend who agreed to meet the bus in Donegal Town and collect her bag.

Mick even arranged for the lady to be reunited with her bag in Ballyshannon.

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