We sat back after the good start

Donegal full back Stephen McMenamin was just happy to have secured the win over neighbours Tyrone.

Donegal full back Stephen McMenamin was just happy to have secured the win over neighbours Tyrone.

The Red Hughs clubman also felt that Donegal sat back after Conor Doherty’s lightening fast goal and point in the opening minutes and allowed Tyrone back into the game.

He also admitted that he was slightly worried when Tyrone took control of the game for long spells in the opening half hour.

“It was good to win. In the first half, we were against the breeze and Tyrone came out and gave us a good fight in the first half,” he said.

“But in the second half, we knew we had to give it to them and we did that.”

“Yeah we were delighted with the start, but we sat back and Tyrone came at us again,” he said.

McMenamin also defended goalkeeper Danny Rodgers who may have come in for some criticism for his kick-outs. He felt this wasn’t the keepers fault and that no one was making the runs into space for the kick-outs.

“It was worrying that we weren’t winning our kick-outs. There weren’t many people showing for the ball and Danny (Rodgers) didn’t have much options.” 
And he also admitted that the game plan went out the window after the good start and that manager Declan Bonner had some harsh words for them at half-time and they got back to the game plan in the second half.

“We didn’t stick to the game plan, our heads drifted a bit. We got a bit carried away with the goal, but we got in at half-time and regrouped,” he explained.

“We knew what we had to do and we got the first few scores and that got us going. We knew we would have the legs in the second half to beat them.

“We got a few scores in the second half that helped us pull clear, and that’s what the forwards have been doing all year. They’ve been outstanding so far this season.

“Whenever we need it the most that is when those boys really give their best. They’re leaders on the field and they stood up today in a big way and kicked some brilliant scores in the second half.”

He was also happy with the way the defence tightened up in the second half and held Tyrone scoreless for the second 30 minutes. “That’s not bad. It’s a good day when you keep a team from scoring for a whole half, especially a team of the quality of Tyrone.” As for Armagh he feels they will be another tough challenge.