“We are devastated” - McGrath

“We are devastated” - McGrath
If heartbreak had a colour it would surely have been the green and gold of Tir Chonaill minors.

If heartbreak had a colour it would surely have been the green and gold of Tir Chonaill minors.

Tears flowed freely in the aftermath of this traumatic and totally unexpected defeat to Derry.

To compound the agony, Donegal had a last gasp chance to snatch an undeserved victory but Conor Doherty blazed the ball over the bar.

Six inches lower and Donegal would have done a real Dick Turpin against a Derry side who thoroughly deserved their victory.

Defeat is hard to take but what really upset this team is that they clearly did not do themselves justice.

It is one thing to be beaten but knowing that you could not have done any more.

But the real killer for Donegal was that they knew that they came nowhere near to doing themselves justice.

Of course there can always be days like this.

Child Protection Officer Mick McGrath has been around several teams since the late 1980s and was just as disappointed as Declan Bonner and the rest of the squad.

“We just did not perform on the day .We are all just devastated at the moment.

“We are in a bad place and it is truly terrible to be knocked out of the championship.

“It is so sad that we just did not perform to the best of our ability.

“And the boys will know that themselves.

“They just know that they haven’t done it and that is the really disappointing thing”, said McGrath.

“Good luck to Derry.

‘They played a tactical game that suited their style of football and really made it very difficult for us to impose our will on the game.

“We wish them all the best in the rest of the championship”.

When asked where he thought it all went wrong for the red- hot favourites, he said;

“We were just not able to get our main players enough on the ball.

“And we found it so very difficult to get scores.

“Of course we did have an opportunity to win the match with that last minute penalty.

“It would probably have been a bit of a robbery as we just did not perform well.

“And they had a really top performer in Conor Glass”.


Meanwhile a delighted Derry captain Conor Glass said it was a great victory for Derry.

“We went into this match very much as underdogs but we just knew we could do it.

“Donegal beat us by more than ten points in the League and then we cut it down in the next game but we just knew we were capable of doing it.

“In the first League game they just ran over us. We had no system.

“But we came back and it is just so good to get over Donegal.

“We just knew it was going to be our day.

“James Kearney won a lot of possession for us around the middle of the field and that really kick started our attack.

“But hopefully we just push on now and win an Ulster title,” said Glass.