Donegal GAA Updates

Donegal GAA Updates
In Advance of the Allianz League games I would like to remind members of the following GAA supporters are once again reminded to purchase early to avail of the excellent value ticket offers for this year’s Allianz Leagues For all Division 1 & 2 Football and Division 1 hurling matches tickets cost €10 in advance of match day and €15 at the venue on match day

In Advance of the Allianz League games I would like to remind members of the following GAA supporters are once again reminded to purchase early to avail of the excellent value ticket offers for this year’s Allianz Leagues For all Division 1 & 2 Football and Division 1 hurling matches tickets cost €10 in advance of match day and €15 at the venue on match day

Tickets are available from selected SuperValu & Centra stores nationwide (full listing at; County boards and via If you have any queries please contact An Cisteoir Cieran Kelly


GARDA VETTING. Clubs are reminded that all Adults working in the surroundings, or with underage persons (U18) must have a vetting from the Garda. Clubs may receive these forms from the County Administrator Noreen Doherty and return them when completed to the GAA Office in Ballybofey. Its the responsibility of the club member to forward a copy of the Garda clearance letter, to the Club Children,s Officer, for record purpose when its received. An inspection of records may take place of Club records at any time in the future. Any club requiring any information on Vetting please contact Mick McGrath County Children,s Officer .

CODE OF ETHICS. CHILD PROTECTION COURSES. Any club with sufficent club numbers (16 ) requiring a course on Child protection should again contact the County Offices, where a date can be arranged, to have a Tutor deliver this course in your club area. Nobody can work near or with underage persons (U 18 ) or Vunerable Adults, who have not attended, and are recorded as having attended, this course. Any underage Coach attending the Foundation Coaching Course shall complete the Code of Ethics workshop on the 1st night of the course. The County Code of Ethics Committee met on Jan 15th and outlined their workings and dates, for the first quarter of the year.

ANTI BULLYING WORKSHOP. Increased levels of Bullying and Bullying awareness at all age groups and in particular young people, is a concern for us all in the GAA. It is vital that all clubs are equipped to deal with all instances of bullying, and in doing so, shall seek to prepare and counteract, any unacceptable behaviour occuring. We now have a Tutor trained and skilled to deliver this workshop, and again the structure we have designed is for all details, and booking of the workshop, to go through Noreen Doherty in the County Office.

CLUB CHILDRENS OFFICER. Its of the utmost importance that all clubs have their Children,s Officer on their club Executive to address the above mentioned administration, and its awareness throughout our clubs. Clubs are advised to protect themselves, by insuring that the person selected to oversee this position each November, has the skills to undertake and oversee its importance, and that updated and correct records are in place.

ULSTER COUNCIL OFFICER TRAINING. Its most welcome that Bernie Fox from the Ulster Council shall address the Officer training evening on the 18th Feb in Jacksons Hotel. All clubs should ensure that their 2014 Childrens Officer are in attendance, so as they may receive the up-skilling and education, on the importance and responsibility of their role. Clubs should forward their Children’s Officer 2014 email address and phone details, again to Noreen Doherty to build a complete data of all the Clubs, as requested by the Ulster Council for the completing of an audit of the Clubs Children’s Officers in the Province.

If you require further information please contact the County Children’s Officer Mick McGrath


South/West Dungloe Friday, 14/02/2014 07.00pm to 10.30pm Child AU-21/01/14 Saturday, 15/02/2014 09.00am to 05.00pm

Coaching Practical

Tutors Paddy Hegarty, John Ward, Joe McBrearty

East Convoy Friday, 21/02/2014 07.00pm to 10.30pm Child AU-21/01/14 Saturday, 22/02/2014 09.00am to 05.00pm Coaching Practical Tutors Odhran Doherty, Michael Murphy, Seamus McAnaw

Foundation Award (Hurling).

County McCumhaill Pk. Friday, 21/02/2014 07.00pm to 10.30pm

AU-21/01/14 Saturday, 22/02/2014 09.00am to 05.00pm

Coaching PracticalvTutors Adrian Gaffey, Martin McGrath

All above Courses are regionalised and Clubs are requested to send their Coaches to respective locations. Fee is 30 euros per participant, paid in advance prior to Course. Cheques should be made payable to Donegal County Board please. There are no plans to schedule any further Foundation Award Coaching Courses for 2014.

Clarification on Coaching Awards. Foundation Award Football/Coaches aged 18 yrs and over will receive full certification on completion of both modules i.e. Child Ethics and Coaching Practical. A Coach attending above Course under 18 years of age must have parental consent signed by both guardians prior to commencing the Course and must have the letter of consent with him/her.

Furthermore this Coach under 18 yrs of age, can only coach as assistant to a qualified Coach until such time that he/she reaches 18 yrs of age.

Award 1 Coaching Course, Youth and Adult, 2014.

Venue Day Dates Times Tutors

Buncrana Friday 07/03/2014 07.00pm to 10.30pm John Gibbons,

AU-2 Saturday, 08/03/2014 09.00am to 04.30pm John Gibbons, Charlie Mick Murphy

Friday, 14/03/2014 07.00pm to 10.30pm Adrian Gaffey, Seamus

Saturday, 15/03/2014 09.00am to 04.30pm Mick Murphy, Anthony Harkin, Odhran Doherty

Award 2 Coaching Course, Youth and Adult, 2014.

Venue Day Date Times Tutors

Glenswilly Friday 21/02/2014 07.00pm to 10.30pm Ulster

Saturday 22/02/2014 09.00am to 04.30pm

Saturday 01/03/2014 09.00am to 04.30pm

Saturday 08/03/2014 09.00am to 04.30pm - Practicals

The above Courses are targeted at Coaches and Managers at Club level

Club Officer Development course

The Donegal Club Development Course takes place on Tuesday 18th February at Jacksons Hotel, Ballybofey from 7pm to 9.30pm. The training aims to provide club officers and members with essential information for the year ahead. The workshops to be delivered in Donegal are outlined below. In addition to this there will be a Croke Park representative present to give information on a new online claims system for the Players Injury Scheme.

Ulster GAA will also be distributing the new ‘Heads Up’ Mental Health Resource for GAA clubs at this event, any club looking a copy of this are advised to attend as the resource is limited to one per club. For any club in the process of applying for club maith or considering applying, attendance at Officer Training events are a requirement. Please encourage officers and members to attend workshops that would be best suited to their roles and which they may get benefit from. Deadline for registration to this FREE course is 12pm on Monday 17th February. Any clubs looking to attend must register by emailing or call 028 3751 7180.

It is imperative that all clubs create the safest possible environment for all children and young people to participate in GAA Games and Activities. Central to this is the role of the Children’s Officer and Designated Officer. It is mandatory that every club has a Children’s Officer and that they are adequately trained to fulfil the requirements of their roles. This course provides that necessary training for both roles and is an excellent source of support and advice in a very sensitive area of club life.

Fundraising in your Club

This course looks at how best to organise your Club to implement practical ways to generate funds. The course showcases a range of innovative fundraising methods, reflecting on case studies from Clubs who have successfully implemented the approaches. Time will also be given to exploring the role of a fundraising unit within the Club and how best to plan for most effective fundraising.

Communications and Media

This course explores how clubs can communicate to their members and to an external audience to best promote club activities. The focus of this workshop is to ensure your club is seen by the wider public as the hub of your community. This session will explore various media platforms, including print, broadcast and online sources, and how to use these platforms to promote your club. This session will be a must for club PROs but will also interest those people within the club who assist with club promotion for various teams and all codes.

Mental Health and Wellbeing within Your Club

This course advises GAA members on the issues around mental health and wellbeing. It outlines the most common mental health problems and explores briefly issues such as self-harm and suicide. The course sets out how GAA activity can support mental wellbeing, what a GAA club can do to support members, how to respond to someone who needs help and what partner organisations exist to offer training, education or immediate help.

The GAA Rule Book

This workshop will look in-depth at the GAA Rule Book, focusing on the most queried areas of club governance. Club Officers will be informed of any recent changes to GAA rule and new requirements on clubs and their officials. This workshop aims to quell any mis-information which club officials may have, and will give practical information on being GAA-


I would ask clubs to please return the Club Officers forms as soon as possible along with the first 15 to get everything in place for the printer of the Information and Fixture booklet.

Currently the new Donegal GAA website is being developed and we hope to have this up and running before the U21 Ulster Championship which takes place on March 19th.