Frankie wearing green and white of St Naul’s

St. Naul’s and Naomh Muire are no strangers when it comes to championship football.

St. Naul’s and Naomh Muire are no strangers when it comes to championship football.

And that is certainly the case when it comes to St Naul’s, chairman Frankie Greene and his Naomh Muire, counterpart Cormac McGarvey.

Frankie and Cormac were neighbours growing up in Ranafast. They went to school together and played football together in Scoil Oliver Plunkett, Ranafast.

“Frankie is from just down the road from me and we grew up together and went to school together. He is younger than me so I don’t think we ever played together. But he still comes back to Ranafast on a regular basis and I often see him at our games,” said Cormac McGarvey.

While Cormac still lives in his native Ranafast, Frankie, has moved on and is now living in Letterbarrow, in the heart of St Naul’s country, and a dedicated St Naul’s man.

“Naomh Muire was my first club, though I didn’t play all that much football for the club. I played at school and at U-12 and U-14 for the club but after that I stopped playing.

“Work and farming took over after that and there wasn’t much time for football,” explained Frankie, who insisted that he always followed the team for years after and right up to the time he got involved with St. Naul’s four or five years ago.

“Cormac was a litte ahead of me at school, but I know him well and followed his career with great interest obviously as we were neighbours.”

Frankie also insisted after St Naul’s, Naomh Muire was his next favourite team and that his former club’s results are always the first he looks out for at weekends.

“St Naul’s is my club now and I’m looking forward to Sunday’s final as a St Naul’s man and while I wish Naomh Muire all the best in the final, but I’m hoping for a St Naul’s win,” added Frankie, who is in his first year as St Naul’s chairman.

Adding a further interesting mix to Sunday’s final is that Naomh Muire manager Danny O’Donnell is Frankie’s brother-in-law. Danny is married to his sister, Aine.

“I’m definitely on the wrong side of the fence when it comes to neighbours and family at the weekend. I was talking to my mum last night on the ‘phone and she said that she wasn’t going to the game. But I’m going to have to live with all that; hopefully, we have a good game, and the best team wins,” said Frankie.