We emptied the tank - Brian McDaid

We emptied the tank - Brian McDaid
Veteran corner back Brian McDaid had an almighty tussle with Conleth Gilligan but was happy that his side had given their all on Sunday.

Veteran corner back Brian McDaid had an almighty tussle with Conleth Gilligan but was happy that his side had given their all on Sunday.

“We emptied the tank out there but just on the day it wasn’t good enough,” was the wsay Brian ‘Shorty’ McDaid summed jup the game on the pitch in Omagh aferwards.

“The ball seemed to go in to the forward line and come right back out again,” said McDaid.

“It was just one of them days. I don’t think the bounce was going our way. Even when we were getting blocks in further out the field, it just seemed to pop into their hands all the time.”

McDaid was on the toes of Gilligan throughout the hour but couldn’t do anything to stop him lofting two frees, one of them from fully 47m to give the Ballinderry side an insurance point in the dying minutes.

“I don’t know. We gave everything we had out there but it is disappointing.

“We went in at half-time four points down and we knew we would have to empty the tank in the second half. We came out at the start of the second half and we did (empty the tank). We can be proud of ourselves,” he said.

“It has been a very good year for the club. We are just a small club, a young club and it has been a great year, a fabulous year. Hopefully there will be many more,” said the corner back, who is hopeful that his club can make it back to another day like this - an Ulster final.

“It is a lot of hard work but these days make it worthwhile. I know it is a disappointing end, but still in all it is an Ulster final. It is something that I only dreamt of years ago,” said Brian.

James Pat gutted

The Glenswilly captain James Pat McDaid struggled to put words to the disappointment he felt at the end of the game.

“We gave it all we had. It is disappointing. We probably just didn’t do ourselves justice. A few of us underperformed on the day,” saidJames Pat.

“It’s all about luck. We didn’t get much luck on the day. The luck seemed to be with them.”

The Glenswilly captain agreed that his side had got off to a great start and should have pushed on and made it an even bigger lead.

“We probably should have built on our very good start. It didn’t happen and that was disappointing for us on the day. But we have a good team there and we are proud of what we have done,” said the Glenswilly man.

“It was a good year so far, but it was a disappointing end to it today.

“We were very happy to get here but we are not happy at the end. We were up against a very good Ballinderry side and they were probably the better team on the day, that’s all you can say,” said James Pat

That was a very honest assessment by the Glenswillly captain, but no doubt he and his teammates will be planning in the New Year for another assault on the Donegal and Ulster club championships.