Read the Reid - Glenswilly march on in Donegal

Read the Reid - Glenswilly march on in Donegal
And so Glenswilly march on to the Ulster senior club championship after a convincing win against Killybegs. The Glen men took control at the resumption of the second half and blitzed their opponents in a ten minute spell.

And so Glenswilly march on to the Ulster senior club championship after a convincing win against Killybegs. The Glen men took control at the resumption of the second half and blitzed their opponents in a ten minute spell.

Unfortunately for Killybegs, there was no way back. It was a one-sided affair from then on, particularly after the Fishermen had a player sent off making their task almost impossible.

Michael Murphy had a great game for Glenswilly especially given that he had played for his country against Australia in the compromise rules game the previous evening in Cavan.

Neil Gallagher, Gary (Copper) McFadden, Ciaran Bonner and Colin Kelly had equally impressive displays for the winners.

Glenswilly’s next opponents will former All-Ireland winners St. Gall’s of Antrim on Sunday week with the former having home advantage. The winners of this tie will face the winners of the Cavan versus Fermanagh winners. This is a great opportunity for the Donegal representatives to reach the Ulster Club final. Let’s hope the Glen men can go all the way.

The first of the two games in the compromise rules series took place in Cavan on Saturday evening last. For me, it was a dull affair, but for the players and especially our Donegal representatives, I’m sure it was an enthralling experience.

The Australian team was made up of all indigenous players. I couldn’t get excited about the game except for the times when Michael Murphy, Neil McGee and Paddy McBrearty were involved. Ireland takes a 22 point advantage into the next game and I’d say that this series is over as far as the Australians are concerned. They obviously do not take these contests as seriously as their Irish counterparts. If they continue to undermine the compromise rules game this could signal the end of the game altogether.

It is the only chance that our Gaelic footballers have to represent their country and it is not their faults that the games are so one sided and non spectacular. Irrespective of the lack of entertainment, we are all very proud of our Donegal participation in the contest and the fact that they are representing their country.

I want to thank a lot of people who rang me, texted me and those whom I met socially since coming back from the Holy Land. Some said that I erred in not mentioning anything about the upcoming county final while others said that I’ve lost it and the rest applauded me for having the courage to write about it.

The county final was far from my mind when I was at the Mount of Olives or in the Church of the Nativity. I certainly haven’t “lost it” rather that I have gained so much from the privileged experience. In respect of the courage bit, then I do not believe that this is courageous. I probably feel it is an obligation to share what I experienced.

For Christians, Muslims and Jews alike, the Holy Land is the centre of the earth. It was overwhelming and prayer was limited because the tour moved so fast.

It was totally unlike Medjugorje where prayer forms the core part of the pilgrimage. To be perfectly honest I laughed a lot especially when we were in the River Jordan getting baptised.

I couldn’t help but laugh because I had to help the priest dunk our fellow aged pilgrims under the water. We were all clad in white robes. I know it was supposed to be a serious ritual but I was thinking about what my peers would think if they saw me.

How could I contemplate a county final in the middle of the River Jordan? Those who believe I have lost it would surely have their evidence now. I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to re-enact what John the Baptist did in the name of my faith.

I have people who are encouraging me to write about the economy and how difficult life is especially for our youth. Well, I’d prefer to leave that to others. My sole remark here is that our youth don’t stand a chance with the way the world is rapidly evolving.

As parents we have an obligation to teach them the rights and wrongs in life and instilling a sound basis for the future.

I believe that teaching our youngsters the basic catechism would be a good start. Religion will soon be thrown out of schools and many parents don’t allow God into their lives. Life is fundamentally based on sound morals.

I want to finish with a small story about the River Jordan. Paddy was walking along the holy river passing time when he happened up some people getting baptised. He was mesmerized. “Did you see Jesus”? the pastor asked each of those he was baptising. “Yes halleluiah” they exclaimed as they came up from the water. Paddy wanted to have a go. So the pastor dunked Paddy. “Did you see Jesus?” asked the pastor. “No “said Paddy. So he dunked him again “Did you see Jesus “the pastor asked for a second time. “No” said Paddy. So the Pastor dunked him for a third time and held him under for about two minutes. “Did you see Jesus”? Paddy was gasping for air and asked “Are you sure he fell in here”?!

Keep the faith!