GAA chairman slams 'shocking' abuse of Donegal manager

Sean Dunnion disgusted at comments on social media

Tom Comack


Tom Comack



Fallout from Galway defeat

Donegal GAA County Board chairman, Sean Dunnion

Donegal GAA chairman Sean Dunnion has described as ‘outrageous and shocking’ the personal abuse levelled at Donegal manager Rory Gallagher on social media in the aftermath of last Saturday evening’s defeat by Galway.
The chairman said the criticism was totally unacceptable and he condemned it in the strongest possible manner.
And he also insisted they were not the comments of genuine Donegal supporters.
“Okay the game might not have gone the way we wanted but there is no place for the personal abuse of Rory Gallagher on social media,” Mr. Dunnion said.
“Some of the comments that were on a number of anonymous Facebook pages were both outrageous and shocking.
“I was really shocked at some of the personal abuse aimed at the manager. It was way over the top and was totally undeserved for someone who has dedicated so much time and effort over the last three years.
“I would appeal to those posting those comments to stop and take stock.
“We are all disappointed with the result but I would appeal to people to take time out to take stock.
“ I would ask people to digest what happened in the game and to stop posting personal shocking and abusive comments. It’s totally unacceptable and has really saddened me.”

Meanwhile the chairman said he has has not spoken to Rory Gallagher since Saturday evening’s game but he plans on doing so before next Monday night’s county committee.
“We hope to sit down with Rory in the next week or so after we have all digested Saturday evening’s game and we will take it from there,” he said.
“I don’t think anyone expected the game to go the way it did. But now it is a case of digesting the game and planning the way forward.”
Rory Gallagher has three more years to run on the new four-year term he received last year.
While he has given no indication to his intentions, the belief is that he will remain on in the job.
However, there is a mood among a section of supporters and there have been calls on social media that he should go.
There is also still a body of opinion among officials and people up to speed within the game in the county that he should remain on.
The view among those people is that if he remains, he needs to make a number of changes.
These include the possible strengthening of his backroom team. And there is a also a strong feeling that Donegal need to change their style of play.
It is generally believed that Donegal, under Rory Gallagher, in the last three years have been far too defensive.
Those that still back him feel he has done a lot of the groundwork in rebuilding a new team and he is the best man to continue that process.