Week 2 of Dressage at Deane's, Bruckless

Week 2 of Dressage at Deane's, Bruckless

A fine sunny day greeted the riders for the second leg of the Autumn Dressage League at Deane’s Equestrian Centre last Sunday and horses and riders were all in good spirits.

Kirsten Rice kicked off the day’s competition with two lovely tests in Class 5 and 7 as she rode early in order to catch the bus back to Dublin, she would need to wait till the end of the day to find out her placing.

Next up was Siomha Johnstone and Dean Burgess in Class 1a, this week they could not be separated and finished joint 1st with a score of 63.07%.

Once again Darragh O’Donnell and his pony Harry, were in the rosettes, as they won class 1b and Class 2 with scores over 65.00%.

Kelly Ann McGrath on Lady won Class 3 and Class 4 but it was very close in Class 3 as only 4% separated all the riders from the top spot.

Class 6 was won by Cyndi Graham and her horse Dougal with a good good tests scoring over 64.00%. The wait was worth it as when the final test was ridden Kirsten Rice on Rambo claimed the win in Class 5 and Class 7 with superb scores of over 67.00%.

Many thanks to our judge Dymphna Lonergan and scribes on the day. The Final leg of the dressage league takes place on Sunday the 16th October. Ccontact Alax on 074 9737160 or check Facebook Deane’s Farm Equestrian.


Class 1a - Leadrein

Joint 1st Siomha Johnstone, Tara

Dean Burgess, Charlie

Class 1b

1st Darragh O’Donnell, Harry

2nd Dominika Czibla, Meenarilagh

3rd Rebecca Morrow, Lincoln

Class 2

1st Darragh O’Donnell, Harry

2nd Amy Barron, Mr.Biggles

Class 3

1st Kelly Ann McGrath, Lady

Joint 2nd Amy Gardner, Tilly, Ally McClay, Jayzee, Eleanor Boyle

3rd Katie Boyd, Meenarilagh

4th Amy Barron, Mr.Biggles

Joint 5th Hollie Bradley, Tango, Freya Moohan, Tango

Class 4

1st Kelly Ann McGrath, Lady

2nd Caitriona Solan, Saoirse

Class 5

1st Kirsten Rice, Rambo

2nd Cyndi Graham, Dougal

3rd Lucy Stewart, Dedo

4th Caitriona Solan, Saoirse

Class 6

1st Cyndi Graham, Dougal

2nd Kathie Boyle, Uisce

3rd Lucy Stewart, Dedo

Class 7

1st Kirsten Rice, Rambo

2nd Kathie Boyle, Uisce.

3rd Mirjam Barnard, Orchid