Malin and Cloughaneely keep their top of the table spot

Malin and Cloughaneely keep their top of the table spot

There were wins for Four Masters, Milford, Malin, Sean MacCumhaill's and Cloughaneelly in Division 2 on Saturday evening.

The results mean that Cloughaneely and Malin retain their 100% start to the season with three wins from three games.

Four Masters get second win

Four Masters 3-7

Naomh Muire 0-9

Four Masters stormed into an early first half lead with two goals from Peadar Espey after Dara White’s opening point for the visitors. John Boyle added another for the home side before Patrick Reid netted again.

Dara Quinn and Dara White exchanged further points before Conor McMonagle closed out the half.

Four Masters led by 3-3 to 0-3 at half-time.

Naomh Muire started the second half well with scores from White and Devlin, who moved outfield from the goalkeeper role.

Barry Monaghan, Sean O’Kennedy and Peadar Espey responded for Four Masters to leave the score 3-07 to 0-07.

With 10 minutes to go Naomh Muire pushed hard for a goal but the four Masters defence held firm, and a Dara White, Jack Boyle double were the last scores on the night.

Four Masters: R Haughey, D Walsh, D Quinn (0-1), D Kennedy; B Dunnion, K Breslin, J Boyle (0-1); Patrick Reid (1-0), S O’Kennedy (0-1); D Doherty, C McMonagle (0-01), C Loughney (0-1); B Monaghan (0-1), D Muldoon, P Espey (2-1). Subs: L McHugh, J Lacey and S Meehan.

Naomh Muire: D Devlin (0-2), P Rogers, B Gillespie, D Gallagher; R O'Donnell, A O’Gara, C Boyle; P Gillespie, D White (0-6); C White, P McCafferty, D Gallagher; O McGarvey, H Harden, J Boyle (0-01). Subs B Grant, J Boyle and J McGee.

Good away win for Cloughaneely

St Naul’s 0-11

Cloughaneely 1-14

St Naul’s: L McBrearty, J White, C McBrearty, E Lynch; G Mc Dyre, E Kane, J Rose; B McCole, D McGroarty; S Conneely (0-1), D McDyre, B Rose; (0-1), S Griffin (0-8,7f), D Brennan (0-1), B McGroary. Subs. C Gaffney for D McDyer (37), E Gallagher for S Conneely (51), M Breslin for E Kane (60).

Cloughaneely: S McClafferty, P McFadden, L O’Brien, S Gallagher; R Cannon (0-1), D McKeever (0-41f), C McFadden; Ciaran McFadden (1-0), K Mulhern; J McGarvey (0-2), D Ferry (0-5), M Maguire (0-1); S Scanlon, S Maguire (0-1), M Harley.

Second win for Milford

Milford 1-12

Glenfin 1-8

Milford proved too strong for Glenfin in Moyle View Park on Saturday night and collected their second win of the season.

Milford: C McGettigan; C McNulty, B McNulty, B Toye (1-0); Gary Merritt (0-1), G Grier, TJ Evesson; C Barrett (0-1), J Logue; D Black (0-2), P Curley, C McGettigan (0-8, 5fs); Curley, K Black, P Peoples. Subs: A Serrinha, PJ Hagan, K Sheridan.

Glenfin: L O’Meara; M O’Donnell, D Harkin, G Martin; D Herron, G Herron, K Doherty; S Ward, P O’Connor (0-3, 2fs); J Morrow (0-1), D McGlynn, M McGinley; K McGlynn (0-2), M McGlynn (0-1), S McGlynn. Subs: C Foy (0-1), D Carr (1-0), C McBride, G Dorrian.

Malin too strong at home

Malin 0-17

Naomh Columba 1-09

Malin continued with another victory in Division 2 over Naomh Columba in what was probably the longest club match journey in Ireland, for the south-west visitors.

Malin: D McLaughlin, M McLaughlin, C Farren, C Byrne; K McColgan, P McLaughlin, T McLaughlin; A Kelly (0-04, 4F), C McLaughlin (0-3, 1 45’), B McLaughlin (0-6), D McDaid (0-1), D McLarkey (0-1), D McCarron (0-1), Stephen McLaughlin (0-1) G Farren. Subs used S Doherty for S McLaughlin (50), S McLaughlin for D McCarron (55).

Naomh Columba: P O’Donnell, B Carr, C McBrearty, P Doherty, C Carr, J McGinley, M Cunningham, Paddy Byrne, M Maguire, R McNern, P Cunningham, G McGinley, Paul Doherty (0-01), R Gillespie (0-6) P McNern (1-0). Subs used C Byrne (0-1) for P Cunningham (h/t) S Jones (0-1) for G McGinley (h/t), K McNern for M Cunningham (45 mins) P Ward for J McGinley (48 mins).

MacCumhaill's easy winners

Sean MacCumhaill's 1-12

Killybegs 0-5

Sean MacCumhaill's were minus Martin O’Reilly but that made no difference as they easily overcame an understrength Killybegs in MacCumhaill Park on Saturday night..

Sean MacCumhaill's: C Patton, G Grindley M Gallagher, R McMenamin; J Dunnion G Dunnion (0-1), A Kelly; S O’Reilly (0-1); N Gavigan (1-0); B Lafferty (0-2), G Wilson, S Duffy; S Mulligan; D O’Leary (0-5,4f), G O’Reilly (0-1). Subs; J Beirne for J Dunnion, R Dunleavy for G Reilly, A Lynch for S Mulligan, D McGowan for S Duffy.

Killybegs: K Martin (0-1,f) C Cunningham, N Carbery, O Gallagher; A O’Hara, B Cannon, D Conwell; C Murrin, P Cunningham; E Bonner (0-1), J Molloy, R Ward (0-1); E Brady, J Ban Gallagher, D Keeney. Sub: R Dunne (0-2 1f),