Donegal Ladies Board reveal missing funds

Donegal Ladies GAA board have revealed that a substantial amount of money has been unaccounted for during the last year.

The executive committee of the Donegal Ladies Board informed the county’s clubs by email on Tuesday night following a decision of an emergency meeting of the county board last Thursday night.

In the email to the clubs the board advised that a substantial amount of money has been unaccounted for last year and that efforts are being made to recover the money.

The clubs were also advised that a significant amount had been recovered.

A spokesperson for the board did not wish to comment on the matter when contacted by the Democrat.

A full financial report is expected at the board’s next meeting on March 10th.

The email from the Ladies Board to the clubs included:

“On behalf of the Donegal Ladies County Board executive we wish to make a short statement on recent events. For obvious reasons based on advice received from relevant professions we can not elaborate on this statement.

. . . . . .

"We would appreciate that in the interest of ladies football in Donegal that you as a club will get behind us as a united organisation to weather the storm short term and allow us the executive on your behalf carry on with the recovery of all funds not accounted for.

"For the next monthly meeting we will have clear policies and procedures in place for all incomings and outgoings of funds”

"We will have a financial report for the next meeting which will be held on Thursday 10th March in Heeneys at 8pm," concluded the email.