Fears Donegal County Council may never restore €63,000 vandalised artwork to its original place

Declan Magee


Declan Magee



Fears Donegal County Council may never restore €63,000 vandalised artwork to its original place

The vandalised artwork before it was removed from the Bundoran/Ballyshannon bypass.

Concerns have been expressed that a piece of public artwork in south Donegal that was vandalised nearly four years ago may never be returned to a public location due to a lack of finance to repair the damage to it.

The artwork ‘Between the Known and Unknown’, was located on a small hill overlooking the N15 at Rathmore, halfway between Ballyshannon and Bundoran.

The public sculpture cost €63,000 and was created by Elizabeth Caffrey and Sean Campbell.

It was vandalised in September 2013 and then put in storage.

Donegal County Council said that “specialist work” is required to restore the sculpture to its original place and there is no budget available for the work.

The issue was raised at a recent meeting of the Donegal Municipal District by Cllr Niamh Kennedy.

Cllr. Kennedy submitted a question to the council saying she is concerned that the sculpture will never be restored to its original place.

“It is disappointing to hear that about such a beautiful piece of art. It’s not the council’s fault but it should not be left lying in storage for this length of time and and it should go back to its spot. I’ll certainly be checking to see if the council can put it in the budget for next year but but I’d be concerned about when it will go back to its location.”

In a written answer the council said: “‘Between the known and unknown’ was (and could be again) be a beautiful piece of public art, located at Rathmore, the highest point on the Ballyshannon Bundoran Bypass. The artists' inspiration was to reactivate interest in the traditions associated with the hawthorn and its association with rath structures.”