Ulster Senior Football Championship:
Donegal brush poor Derry aside

Donegal fired 2-8 from play to brush a surprisingly poor Derry side to one side at MacCumhaill park on Saturday evening.

Donegal fired 2-8 from play to brush a surprisingly poor Derry side to one side at MacCumhaill park on Saturday evening.

11,207 supporters watched in the rain as Jim McGuinness’s side washed their opponents away with slick passing from foot and fist and confident striking from all over the park underlining the attacking threat Donegal now offer.

Donegal will now meet Tyrone in an Ulster semi-final while Derry must work their way back via the ‘back door’.

The Donegal side included star man Michael Murphy, but it was a team performance with super displays from exciting wing back, in particular Frank McGlynn and attacker David Walsh who caught the eye.

Goals on 32 and 43 minutes from Leo McLoone and Colm McFadden, reflected Donegal’s dominance while Derry wilted.

With 11 minutes left RTÉ television pictures showed Derry fans leaving the ground, summing up a poor day for the Oak Leaf.

Struggling to score from play, Derry were outplayed all over the park, and Donegal looked a much superior side to their opponents.

Score by score

4 mins: David Walsh wins a softish free, Colm McFadden from the hands points to give Donegal an early lead; 0-1 - 0-0.

7 mins: Fine score after a patient build up by Derry with Mark Lynch firing over a fine point to level the sides: 0-1 - 0-1.

8 mins: Michael Murphy fouled and takes the free short to Dabid Walsh who kicks over confidently from 30 metres. 0-2 - 0-1.

12 mins: Colm McFadden from his second free makes no mistake, pointing left footed from his hands into the Finn River end: 0-3 -01

19 mins: Donegal stretch their lead to three points with Leaving Cert student Paddy McBrearty lofting a sweet score. 0-4 - 01.

23 mins: Paddy Bradley, left footed from the hands, converts a 30 metre free: 0-4 - 0-2.

27 mins: Anthony Thompson has lots of room and on a regular run forward hits a fine point from play: 0-5 - 0-2

29 mins: Paddy Bradley points a close range free: 0-5 - 0-3

30 mins: (GOAL) Colm McFadden makes an incisive 30 metre run and gets a rub of the green when his fisted finish screws kindly to Leo mcLoone and Leo blasts first time to the net for a goal: 1-5 - 0-3

32 mins: Paddy Bradley knocks over his third point of the match from a free - 1-5 - 0-4

36: Michael Murphy extends Donegal’s lead to five points with an easy free from the hands. 1-6 - 0-4

Half time, Donegal 1-6, Derry 0-4

No changes in either side for the second half, Donegal now playing into the ‘town end’ of MacCumhaill Park.

40 mins: Lovely football from Donegal as Derry seem to be chasing shadows, Frank McgGynn cuts inside from a neat pass and cushions the ball over the bar to extend Donegal’s lead: 1-7 - 0-4

41 mins: Derry substitution - Martin Donaghey for John McCambley.

43 mins: (GOAL) - Donegal defence wins the ball back outfield, McGlynn moves the ball forward and eventually finds colm McFadden who cuts inside his man to rifle right footed past Derry keeper Gillis. Derry look lost, Donegal rampant now: 2-7 - 04

44 mins: Derry’s second substitution Patsy Bradley for Enda Lynn

46 mins: Paddy Bradley, who has scored all but one of Derry’s points, chips in with another free: 2-7 - 05

48 mins: Michael Murphy knocks over his second point from a free: 2-8 - 0-5.

51 mins: David Walsh caps a magnificent running display with a confident point, McGlynn offering the pass for the score, ten points the gap now between the sides: 2-9 - 0-5

52 mins: Derry substituion, Eoin Bradley comes in for Gilligan.

54 mins: Sean Leo McGoldrick, left footed, hammers over a rare Derry point - almost 49 minutes since they scored their last point from play: 2-9 - 0-6

55 mis: Midfielder Neill Gallagher pops over a nice point, Donegal effectively scoring now every time they attack - nice flick from ryan Bradley to find him - 2-6 of Donegal’s tally now from play: 2-10 - 0-6

58 mins: Michael Murphy, on the 20 metre line hits his third point from a free, Leo McLoone fouled for the free: 2-11 - 0-6

59 mins: paddy Bradley with his fifth point, his first from play, finishes well as tv pictures show Derry fans leaving the ground with 11 minutes still to play: 2-11 - 0-7

60 mins: Anything you can do - Buncrana’s Ryan Bradley fires over for his first point of the afternoon: 2-12 - 0-7

62 mins: Derry substitution, Emmet Bradley for Joe Diver.

66 mins: Paddy Bradley points for Derry: 2-12 - 0-8

67 mins: Donegal substitution, Dermot Molloy for Leo McLoone

68 mins: Paddy McBrearty points at his ease: 2-13 - 0-8

68 mins: Donegal substition, Christy Toye for Ryan Bradley.

70 mins: Paddy Bradley hits his sixth point of the afternoon from a 30 metre free, barely a sound as the ball sails over the Finn River end. 2-13 - 0-9

Final Score, Donegal 2-13, Derry 0-9