DJ and music producer

Sue Doherty


Sue Doherty

Codai Duffy, who turns eighteen next week, has already been producing his own music for nearly a decade.

Codai Duffy, who turns eighteen next week, has already been producing his own music for nearly a decade.

The up and coming DJ from Ballyshannon was just recently accepted on to the biggest dance music website in the world, with his own record label and artists. He’s now featured on, as well as on eMusic and iTunes.

“It’s early days yet, but I’m absolutely delighted at how it’s going. In my first week on Beatport, I got 1,000 downloads from all over the world, so that’s pretty exciting stuff. A lot of my songs are exclusive on Beatport, which is why you won’t find as many on iTunes.”

Beatport calls Coday!, as he is known on the site, “the new face of Dance and Electronic Music in the island of Ireland” and praises his “good deep bassline mixed with an Irish Hidden recipe to make the dancefloors bounce”.

He’s done it all with practically nothing, apart from a passion for music, a lot of talent and a decent computer or two along the way, that is.

The son of Neil and Averil Duffy of Higginston, Codai attended Holy Family NS and is now studying for his Leaving Certificate at Coláiste Cholmcille.

“I just remember going to the computer one time, when I was eight years old, and Dance Ejay was on it.

“I was always pretty creative with music and sounds, even at that age, so I decided to mess around with it.

“We were dusting out the old home videos recently and there was me in my bathrobe and glasses at the computer making music.

“I used to torture my mother, calling her in all the time to have a listen to what I was doing. I made tons and tons of songs.

“Then from about the ages of 12 to 14, I went completely the other direction.

“I learned to play guitar and got completely caught up in rock and the festival scene and all that.

“After that, when I was fifteen, it all changed for me again.

“My friend and I went to a Prodigy concert in Belfast and there were two DJ’s playing before they came on. I really enjoyed and I thought to myself ‘This is something I could do’.

“I went back to my computer and started making songs again - mainly house, trance, club and disco.

“Around the same time, my cousin took me out for my first night’s experience DJ-ing in a nightclub in Bundoran. I worked with him for about two years after that and it was brilliant!

“I also started to build up a reputation for DJ-in on my own.

“I progressed to mixing and making sets and used to do a lot of gigs in clubs and at parties but then I had to give it up quite a bit for my Leaving Cert.

“I still love being in the studio producing my own sounds as well.

“We’re all mad into music in our family, which helps. My father gives me a good a lot of inspiration for my songs. When I was just messing around with a few sounds, he had UltraVox’s Vienna on and we noticed that the two went well together. I mixed it up, called it Apocalypse and put it up on the web.

“In the future, I hope to pause my producing and take back up the decks in the clubs.”

Computer whiz

As if it weren’t enough to be a music producer at his age, it turns out that Codai is also something of a computer whiz kid.

“When I was three, my mother bought me my first VTech computer and a spark went off.

“In general, I just seem to fix things, change things and modify things.

“It was the same with an X-Box I had, I swapped parts around and all that.

“For the last few years, I’ve been building my own computers here at home. I’ve built two for DJ-ing - the first when I was fifteen and the second when I was sixteen. I also do a lot of repairs and things like that or friends.

“If all goes well with the Leaving Cert, I hope to study Computer Software and Engineering in Letterkenny or Athlone.

“In terms of a career, I would love to be working with computers during the week and be busy DJ-ing at weekends.”

Well, it looks like Codai has made a seriously impressive start on that path and we wish him continued success!