Lottery lightening strikes twice at shop

Lottery lightening has struck twice for a Spar shop in Burtonport.

Lottery lightening has struck twice for a Spar shop in Burtonport.

"My phone hasn't stopped all morning," Patrick McHugh, owner of Macmon Spar in the coastal village, said on Tuesday. Patrick's shop sold this week's winning ticket in the Monday Million game from the National Lottery.

"I'm just after putting the mobile back in my pocket for the 200th time, I'd say," he said.

It was only a couple of months ago that Patrick's shop sold the EuroMillions ticket that won more than 690,000 euro for the young Burtonport couple Alan and Anne Louise Cowley.

But the new millionaire is still keeping his, her or their identity a secret.

"I have no idea who it is," Patrick said, though the identity of the winner is the big question around the village.

"It will be now for the next while and people are just wondering who's involved and if it's a syndicate," he said. "Whoever it is is keeping quiet."

The winning ticket was a 6 euro Quick Pick with Plus that the National Lottery said was purchased at the shop on Sunday, Feb. 6. The Monday Million cheque can be picked up at National Lottery offices in Dublin within 90 days of the draw.

Monday Million game has a top prize of 1 million euro each Monday. Unlike the Wednesday and Saturday Lotto draws, there is no roll-over for Monday Million: Either the 1 million euro is won, or it is not.

Tuesday was a great day at the shop, Patrick said.

"It's great excitement," he said. "It takes a bit of gloom off the area. Everything else seems to be doom and gloom." And the news has led to a new guessing-game in the village.

Everyone "is looking around them to see who seems to be flying off to Dublin or driving off or whatever," Patrick said.