Farmers urged to 'stop and think'

Farmers urged to 'stop and think'

Farmers urged to 'stop and think'

eamonn mcfadden

Farms in Donegal are some of there most dangerous places to work but simple measures can reduce the risks, members of Donegal IFA heard on Tuesday night.

Brian McHugh from the Health and Safety Authority and Diane McGarrigle from FBD Insurance were both guest speakers at the monthly Donegal IFA executive meeting in the Radisson Hotel in Letterkenny, Brian offered a comprehensive presentation on the risks involved with farming and the simple measures people can take to minimise the farming dangers.

He outlined the dangers of working with machinery, animals, chemicals and other areas of farmyard work.

He offered a range of photographs showing dangerous situations and practices he has encountered as a farm safety inspector with the HSA.

Brian also presented a number of highly graphic images of the results of accidents caused by improperly guarded farm machinery and they included a number of people who had lost arms, legs and fingers.

He said one of the main areas to improve farm safety was to simply stop and think about each situation before beginning work and develop safe work practices.

He emphasised repairing all machinery guards, making a safe play area for children and the dangers of working with animals and chemicals.

Diane McGarrigle addressed the large crowd on the various type of insurance required for farming.

She outlined the importance of having public liability insurance on each farm. Employers Liability was also necessary for all workers as often, volunteer workers were deemed employees, even if it was only a neighbour lending a helping hand, they would be covered.

In the event of a injury to the farm owner she said personal injury insurance was important as it may allow for the farmer to pay for help in the event he is unable to work.