Donegal girl receives threats after lining out for Sky

Donegal girl receives threats after lining out for Sky

Donegal girl receives threats after lining out for Sky

by Matt Britton

A former army Lieutenant and now fitness guru in London claims that she has been the victim of abusive threats and remarks on her Facebook site after her recent appearance on the popular Sky TV programme, Soccer AM.

Collette McBarron from Finabans outside Donegal Town is a former Lieutenant in the Irish Defence Forces and was stationed both in Dundalk and Dublin during her time in the army.

Collette said that she was stunned after the abusive remarks started to clog up her "wall" on her Facebook site seemingly because the show is broadcast to the British troops who are currently serving in Afghanistan. She was bombarded with threats via Facebook because of the British programme's links with the British Army.

"I've received quite a few private mails full of abuse since the show aired and some of them have been really threatening," said the private fitness instructor who also works with top American fashion house Abercrombie and Fitch.

"Some of them have been claiming that the Irish army ‘won't be happy with you,' and things like that, because the show is broadcast to the troops in Afghanistan.

"I was actually quite shocked, it does put a bit of a dampener on it but I've been trying not to let it get to me.

"To me this is a good fun early morning soccer show on a Saturday morning and I think most people see it as such. Its been a few years since I left the army and I have put all that behind me.

The Donegal Town girl told Sky viewers of her love for Chelsea and also her support of Donegal minnows, Pettigo FC where her father is involved. "I am not a Harps supporter - I have to support the family connection

Collette also rejected suggestions that the show is sexist and said, "This is all about soccer and portrayed in a good fun way.

"When I was on, I had fun. I was never made to feel like I was not an equal to anyone. I never felt I was being taken advantage or anything like that. It was just really light-hearted stuff and I would love to do more work with Sky. They are a world wide organisation."