Missing pug reunited with owners

Missing pug reunited with owners
A dog that went missing two months ago from Letterkenny has been been found and reunited with his ecstatic owners.

A dog that went missing two months ago from Letterkenny has been been found and reunited with his ecstatic owners.

Laura McCole, of Long Lane, and her fiancé Kevin McDaid were absolutely distraught when they couldn’t find their pug Freddie on May25.

They spent weeks looking for him while still trying to arrange their wedding.

Laura and Kevin hoped to have Freddie returned before their wedding day and did everything they could to try and find him before June 14.

The put up posters everywhere and spread the word through their friends on Facebook.

Sadly there had been no reports or even sightings of Freddie and they had to go through their big day without him.

Even after the wedding, Laura and Kevin continued searching and searching for poor little Freddie but there was no word of him at all.

No word, that is, until last week when one of Laura’s friends received a call from a man to say that he had bought a pug like Freddie from a market in Cavan.

Laura’s friend then arranged a Skype call to see if the dog was Freddie.

Although they couldn’t be 100% sure, they definitely thought it was him so they they arranged to go up to see the dog.

At this stage, as Kevin and Laura were still on their honeymoon, Kevin’s brother Brian contact Donegal Pet Rescue to tell us what had happened and get advice.

They lent him their Micro Chip Scanner and they made their way up to see if it was Freddie.

Thankfully, Freddie had been Micro Chipped and, as soon as he was scanned, they realised that it was him for sure.

There was so much excitement among everyone that Freddie was finally coming back home after nearly two months.

All that was left now, was to call Kevin and Laura on their honeymoon and give them the good news.

Both Kevin and Laura were so overwhelmed by what they were hearing that they couldn’t even speak.

They flew back home that very evening and went straight to meet Freddie and set off back home.

It was a very, very emotional reunion for all concerned.

Laura said it was “the best present ever!”

On behalf of herself and her new husband, she thanked “all our unbelievable family and friends and people we don’t even know for sharing and putting up photos of Freddie”.

She added: “We couldn’t have done it without you.”

She also thanked the “genuine couple” for realising that Freddie must have belonged to someone else and making contact to ensure he was returned to his rightful owners.