The Voice of Ireland: Paddy Molloy goes straight through but Craig McMorrow sent home

The Voice of Ireland: Paddy Molloy goes straight through but Craig McMorrow sent home
In tonight’s show, the second of the Live Shows, 12 more acts performed but it was the end of the Voice dream for four of those acts.

In tonight’s show, the second of the Live Shows, 12 more acts performed but it was the end of the Voice dream for four of those acts.

Glenties’ man Paddy Molloy went straight through but there was no joy for Craig McMorrow, the man with the huge north Leitrim following.

The act with the highest vote from each team went straight through to the next round, with the coaches deciing who should stay and who should go home from the bottom two. Performances divided the coaches’ opinions and Jamelia came to blows with her fellow coaches telling them they were voting strategically.

On Team Dolores Mariah Butler scored the highest, Dolores was left with the task of choosing between Peter Whitford and Emma Walsh, she took the person with the most confidence and potential - she took Emma through sending Peter home.

On Team Jamelia the highest scoring act was Remy Naidoo, she went through to the next stage. Jamelia had to choose between Martin and Aisling. She told them she felt they were both fantastic and she saved Aisling sending Martin home.

On Team Bressie Jamie Stanton scored highest securing him a place in the next round. Bressie felt both Ciara and Padraig were great acts and he chose to save Ciara sending Padraig home.

On Team Kian Paddy Molloy from Glenties had the highest score and went straight through to the next stage. The bottom two were Danica and Craig, Kian saved Danica Holland as he felt she is the better singer and sent Craig home.

Show synopsis and quotes:

The first performances of the night came from Team Dolores, with Galway girl Mariah Butler staying true to her country roots singing Mama’s Broken Heart by Miranda Lambert. Her sassy performance was a hit with the audience and the coaches alike and she gets off to a great start with 22 points.

Kian: ‘that was really good you have a fantastic voice’. 7 points

Jamelia: ‘I think it was a confident start with a solid vocal’ 7 points

Bressie: ‘you found your niche and you are bloody good at it’ ! 8 points

Dolores: ‘that was amazing you totally nailed it, effortless’.

Total points 22

Peter Whitford from Wicklow put his own twist onto a real classic - Space Oddity by David Bowie

Kian: great performance, there was nothing that blew me away though’ 6 points

Jamelia: ‘I love your voice, I loved it’ 7 points

Bressie: ‘that was pretty good’ 7 points

Dolores: you looked fine and comfortable, you need more confidence, you need to believe in yourself. Beautiful unique voice

Total points: 20

Emma Walsh from Galway was stolen from Bressie in the Battles by Dolores, her song tonight was Stronger Kelly Clarkson. Emma has had a total change of image since the show started changing her hair to blonde, and her coach Dolores feels that she is her real surprise in the competition…a little bit like when parents have one last child late in life!!!

Kian: ‘you missed out there Bres, it was strong,you were a bit stiff though. We need to see performance at the lives. 7 points

Jamelia: ‘I think everyone can sing in the show, but you need to contend with huge artists, I thought it was very average, my humble opinion’ 5 points

Bressie: I am biased, you are a top class singer, I cannot believe Jamelia gave you a five’ 8 points

Dolores: ‘she was like a beautiful flower blossoming since the Blinds, you are very interesting!

Total points: 20

Next it was the turn of Team Jamelia, with Aisling Connolly from Dublin going first singing Strong by London Grammar. Aisling was stolen form Kian in the Battles, and her performance may make Kian wish he had kept her. Dolores

Bressie: ‘that’s a hard song to sing, and you absolutely nailed it those town big notes were on the money’ 8 points

Dolores: ‘I thought it was quite good.’ 6 points

Kian: ‘that was harsh Dolores, I am so delighted Jamelia picked you. You smashed that, I am not with Dolores on this it was definitely an 8’

Jamelia: ‘Dolores is mad because of the points I gave to Emma, I would like to think that artistic integrity came first’

Total points: 22

Martin McInerney Cork – Staying Alive Bee Gees, his family have travelled from the UK to see him perform, it’s an emotional reunion as he hasn’t seen them in three years.

Bressie: ‘great version, sometimes you lose the essence when the band kicks in’ 7 points

Dolores; ‘I quite liked that too, nice job’ 7 points

Kian: ‘I enjoyed it, although I found myself drifting away. It was good.’ 7 points

Jamelia: ‘I am really proud of you , that was a confident performance’.

Total points: 21

Remy Naidoo from Dublin sang How Long Will I Love You Ellie Goulding. Her average scores and comments from the coaches bring out the fighter in Jamelia and she accuses the others of being strategic, Kian is not happy with these comments and tells her she is sending out a bad message.

Bressie: ‘you have star quality, you overuse your vibrato, that’s a tiny criticism, strong performance’ 7

Dolores: ‘ I totally agree with Bressie, you did pretty good 6 points

Kian: ‘ I think they are right about the vibrato, in saying that it was beautiful, lacking in confidence 7 points

Jamelia; ‘there is a bit of strategic, the vibrato is your tone’.

Total points: 20

On Team Bressie Padraig Byrne, from Wexford performed Dream - Catch Me by Newton Faulkner, scoring quite low from all the coaches Bressie is not pleased.

Dolores: 6 points

Kian: ‘there wasn’t enough for us to grab onto, there was nothing exciting, Jamelia is throwing out fives’ 6 points

Jamelia: ‘I feel we have to see you on the world stage, I felt like I was at kareokee’ 5 points

Bressie: ‘I don’t get this, Padraig has so much experience, so easy to coach’

Total points: 17

Jamie Stanton from Cobh in Cork sang I Don’t Want to Be by Gavin DeGraw. Jamie was stolen from Dolores in the Battles.

Dolores: ‘I think you are great, I am giving you a lucky 7’.

Kian: ‘the big difference is you brought energy and vibe. It was an 8’.

Jamelia: ‘people might think I am being unfair, but you performed you sounded great’. 8 points

Bressie: ‘that is a hard song to sing, that’s energy, you brought it on stage’

Total points: 23

Ciara Donnelly from Waterford took on Hozier’s Take Me to The Church with her own unique twist, a big enough challenge and she impressed the coaches.

Dolores: ‘you have a stong voice 7 points’.

Kian: ‘big performance a little bit intense at times’ 8 points

Jamelia: ‘I really love your voice, I felt you were acting, I enjoy listening to you.’ 7 points

Bressie: ‘scarey song to go with I loved it well done’.

Total points: 22

The final team to perform on tonight’s show was Team Kian with Donegal lad Paddy Molloy going first singing the One Direction track, Story of My Life, Kian describes him as a dark horse.

Jamelia: ‘ I really enjoyed watching the performance, it was good (goes into fits of giggles)’. 7 points

Bressie; ‘Jamelia is like a dog in heat, I thought you had real glimpses’. 7 points

Dolores: ‘you were enjoying yourself.’ 7 points

Kian: ‘I am really happy with that, you get the audience, you do have a pop star quality’

Total points: 21

Up next was Leitrim native Craig McMorrow performing Fly Away by Lenny Kravitz

Jamelia; ‘I enjoyed it but I wasn’t blown away,’ 6 points

Bressie: ‘you lost control sometimes, it was good and powerful’ 6 points

Dolores: ‘I am with the others, you have great energy, but focus on your pitching’ 6 points

Kian: ‘you are bringing the energy, you lifted with the audience well done’

Total points: 18

Danica Holland from Cork, – Do What You Want with My Body Lady Gaga has never sung before the competition and Kian feels she has an amazing voice, the raunchy routine from the dancers causes some raised eyebrows from the audience and the coaches.

Jamelia: ‘you maintained a focus, and that’s what it’s all about, I really enjoyed it’ 7 points

Bressie: ‘considering the scene of Basic Instinct was going on you did well. 6 points

Dolores: ‘that good, there was a lot of information going on (referring to the dancers), you have a lovely voice, it was a bit raunchy 7 points

Kian you have an amazing voice, you need to hear yourself.

Total points: 20