Letterkenny drugs find

A man has been arrested after gardaí seized approximately €1,400 of cannabis resin in Letterkenny.

A man has been arrested after gardaí seized approximately €1,400 of cannabis resin in Letterkenny.

A garda spokesperson confirmed that the cannabis was found in the Letterkenny area at around 4pm on Saturday. The man, who lives in the Milford area, was detained but has not been charged. The garda spokesperson said a file is being sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions.

“The discovery of the drugs was part of an ongoing operation by the Drugs Squad”, the spokesperson concluded.

Anti-drugs campaigner PJ Blake welcomed the news, but said that gardaí need more resources to tackle the growing drugs problem in Donegal.

“I congratulate the gardaí on this and their other recent successes in combatting the illegal drugs trade. These kind of investigations are extremely painstaking and time-consuming,” he said. “The reality is that gardaí here in Donegal are fighting the battle against drugs with less and less resources. In January, the Minister for Justice told me that there were 12 officers in the Drugs Unit in Donegal - three each in Buncrana, Milford, Letterkenny and Donegal town. Just weeks later, in February, he confirmed that number had fallen to nine: there were no longer any members of the Drugs Unit based in Milford.

“I see there is some cross party consensus now, between Fianna Fáil and Sinn Féin, about the need to have gardai on the streets and the need to keep our rural garda stations open,” he said. “The four mayors in the county should now come together to demand increased garda numbers and the retention of rural stations.”

Mr Blake said the law also needs to be changed, to make it more difficult for people to grow cannabis.

“The sad fact is that cannabis seeds and growing equipment can be bought across the counter. It’s only illegal once it starts growing. This is not a loophole in our law: It’s a gaping hole that needs to be closed immediately.”