51st International Sea Angling Festival a big success

Killybegs Sea Angling Club embarked on its next half century by holding the 51st International Sea Angling Festival on July 7 and 8.

Killybegs Sea Angling Club embarked on its next half century by holding the 51st International Sea Angling Festival on July 7 and 8.

The main sponsor of the 51st Festival which attracted 68 anglers was once again SolidPack who have a long association with the competition and are generous supporters of the festival. SolidPack are leading producers and suppliers of top quality packaging to the fishing industry nationally and in Killybegs and surrounding areas. As well as fishing, some other industries served by SolidPack are agriculture, meat processing and construction.

Fishing was generally carried out on the North side of Donegal Bay with boats fishing from Teelin to Rathlin O’Beirne Island but also down as far as Inishmurray island off the Sligo coast. Anglers attending the competition came from Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Spain, Germany and France. Some of these anglers are regular visitors to the town for this event and have been coming every year for many years. Ten different species were landed, the main concentration of which was Pollock.

After weighing in their catch on Sunday evening, the prize giving ceremony was held in the Tara Hotel where Michael Tighe, representing Solidpack, was on hand to present the various prizes to a lively audience of anglers and non anglers alike

In addition to the main sponsor SolidPack, the Killybegs Sea Angling Club would like to thank all the various businesses in Killybegs and surrounding areas for their continued and generous support without which it would have been impossible to achieve 51 years of competitive fishing in Killybegs. A big thank you also goes to all the anglers senior and junior who took part and who keep coming back each year ensuring the continued success of the competition.


Saturday Best Team: Marc O’Connor, Liam O’Connor Danno Gallagher

Saturday Best Male: Aaron Power, 205 points

Saturday Best Female: Cristelle Blondel, 93 points

Saturday Best Junior: Michael Callaghan, 115 points

Saturday Best Boat: Dunai Mara, 457 points


Sunday Best Team: Marc O’Connor, Liam O’Connor, Danno Gallagher

Sunday Best Male: Gavin Dorrian, 276 points

Sunday Best Female: Cristelle Blondel, 169 points

Sunday Best Junior: Michael Callaghan, 165 points

Sunday Best Boat: Huntress Blue, 537 points

Best Overseas Angler: Cristelle Blondel

Best Overseas Team: Soraya Ricalde, Cristelle Blondel

Heaviest Species:

Heaviest Ling: Aaron Power, 2.24 Kg

Heaviest Cod: Gavin Dorrian, 0.632 Kg

Heaviest Pollack by a Senior: Cristelle Blondel, 3.160 Kg

Heaviest Red Gurnard: Oran McLoughlin, 0.416 Kg

Heaviest Dog Fish: Cathal Donnelly, 1.02 Kg

Heaviest Whiting: Danno Gallagher, 0.302 Kg

Heaviest Pouting: Cathal Donnelly, 0.404 Kg

Heaviest Ballan Wrasse: Cornie Devlin, 1.26 Kg

Heaviest Cuckoo Wrasse: Hugh John Patton, 0.336 Kg

Heaviest Coal Fish: Liam O’Connor, 0.822 Kg

Heaviest Pollack by a Junior: Dylan Kearns, 2.08 Kg

Angler catching the greatest number of Pollack: Cornie Devlin, 19 pollack

Greatest variety of fish: – Danno Gallagher, 7 species

Best Boat over the festival: Meridian, Brian McGilloway 980 points

Best Club Member: Darron Shovlin

Club member catching the heaviest fish: Dylan Kearns

Junior Anglers

3rd Best Junior: Jordan Frame

2nd Best Junior: Dylan Doherty

Overall Best Junior: Michael Callaghan, 280 points

Best Overall Anglers

5th Best Angler: Danno Gallagher, 337.2 points

4th Best Angler: Liam O’Connor, 342.4 points

3rd Best Angler: hugh John Patton, 360.8 points

2nd Best Angler: Aaron Power, 361.2 points

Best Overall Angler: Gavin Dorrian, 386 points