Garda cars damaged in chase

Two garda cars were damaged in a dramatic incident at Bridgend today.

Two garda cars were damaged in a dramatic incident at Bridgend today.

A spokesperson for the Garda Press Office confirmed that gardaí from Buncrana responded to a call from the PSNI with regards to a car that failed to stop at a checkpoint. Two Garda vehicles received minor material damage in the course of responding to this call, the spokesperson added.

Supt. Kevin English of the Buncrana District Office, told the Democrat: “The vehicle crossed over into the Republic at Muff. The first car was damaged shortly after 11am and the second car was damaged at Manorstown Cross at 11.30am.

“The vehicle then crossed back over the border into Derry at Manorstown cross but was later stopped by the PSNI. The three occupants, aged between 26 and 33, were arrested in the Groarty Road area and taken into custody.”

Donal Doherty of Harry’s Bar & Restaurant Bridgend, commented: “Everyone around here was wondering what was going on. The place was coming down with garda cars for about half an hour.

“What was really unusual was that we heard the sirens coming from the border to Bridgend and it’s normally the other way around.

“The squad cars were going up some of the side roads as well. They kind of did a loop, down the main road to Bridgend, back around the 19th Hole Bar and up the Elaghbeg road to the border.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact gardaí in Buncrana on 074 932 0540.