World record breaking St Patrick’s celebrations in store for Donegal

Things are hotting up in Glenties and Ardara this week - green fabric is like gold dust - as the two parishes both attempt new World Records.

Things are hotting up in Glenties and Ardara this week - green fabric is like gold dust - as the two parishes both attempt new World Records.

Glenties is hoping to get into the Guinness Book of World Records by gathering the most leprechauns ever in one place while Ardara aims to establish a new record, for the most St Patricks at a parade.

The good news is that anyone who really wants to get into the spirit of the challenge can take part in both events. The Glenties parade will take place at 3pm on Saturday, while the Ardara parade kicks off at 3.30pm. A group in Cork is also attempting a new World Record for leprechauns, so the organisers in Glenties are asking people to make an extra effort to come out and support them.

Aspiring leprechauns and St Patricks are both asked to contact the organisers in advance, so ensure that you are registered. There are also fairly strict costume requirements laid on by the nice people at the Guinness Book of World Records, and you’ll want to know what they are. After all, wouldn’t it be a pity to don your best fancy dress and make your way to Glenties and/or Ardara, only to be told that you’re disqualified?

The timetable for Glenties is as follows. 1.30pm: All people taking part in the Leprechaun Record attempt to assemble in Cost-Cutters car park. 2pm: Participants to be brought in single file to the Bridge on Main Street. 2.30pm: Leprechaun Record Attempt will take place.

3.00pm: Traditional music session, set dancing and fun activities will take place on the bridge on Main Street. 4pm: Carnival Parade.

To register for the Glenties World Record attempt, ing Anne on 087 900 4449, email, call into her shop or contact Carmel Doherty at Keeney’s Bar.

Ardara’s efforts have caught the imagination of the country’s TV station. It will be featured on the Craig Doyle Show tonight at at 10.30pm on RTE2 and also tomorrow morning at 8am on Ireland AM. TG4 is planning to film in Ardara on Sunday as well - all welcome publicity for both the county and the town.

There are still a few St Patricks costumes available at various shops in the town. Alternatively, contact Gerard Slowey on 087 246 7969 or Geraldine at the Flower Shop.

All St Patricks are to assemble at Shanaghan House at 2.30pm on Sunday at the latest for registration. All young people in their own St Patricks costume are most welcome and will be registered also.

The Parade will begin at 3.30pm approximately, led by the St Patricks. Many bands will be in attendance.

After the parade, a dance will take place in the Hotel with Rambling Fever. The Cunningham McNelis School of Dancing will also perform.