Govt ‘attacking’ ordinary people

Bundoran Town Deputy Town Mayor Sean Carty has this week spoken out on what he has called the “government attack on ordinary people.”

Bundoran Town Deputy Town Mayor Sean Carty has this week spoken out on what he has called the “government attack on ordinary people.”

“ There are meetings going on all over the country about the fine gael/labour governments proposals on the septic tank charges, the rural communities of the 26 counties are outraged and I think at this point have reached the end of their tether, with this and with the lasts government’s attitudes towards the middle & lower classes.”

He said that the tax is another example of the blatant disregard of some politicians and is seen by many as discrimination of the rural people.

“Fine Gael & Labour are attacking the people of the 26 counties. They have reneged on nearly all pre-election promises that they made. People probably aren’t really that surprised with Fine Gael but I am sure that the Labour Party supporters are looking on in disbelief at the tactics and anti-ordinary people stance that their politicians are taking.

They are to Fine Gael, what the Greens were to Fianna Fail. And then we see the Fianna Fail party organising meetings & preaching all over the country as if they had no part to play in this. They have some neck, they should be hanging their heads in shame, after all, it was Fianna Fail that handed the sovereignty of our country over to the EU/IMF. It was Fianna Fail that pumped every penny of our money into the banks.

Cllr Carty claimed that Fianna Fail had forced many to leave Ireland.

“Do they think that while they are still taking their huge wages, pensions, expenses and driving about in their big black chauffeur driven executive cars that the people are going to forget everything & start trusting them again! Then we see others that I could only refer to as champagne socialists who are also keeping their huge salaries to themselves giving no alternatives but trying to lead the people with popularist views.”

He said that Sinn Fein would abolish the Universal Social Charge and remove the levy on medical card prescriptions;

“For children and parents we would fund a book buying scheme for all school children and return the 200 SNA’s that were cut in the last budget; For the elderly we would reverse cuts to the household benefits package & increase the fuel allowance; For public services we would lift the recruitment ban and build new schools; For job creation & business, we would build social housing and renovate suitable NAMA properties for people on the housing waiting lists, roll out next generation broadband throughout he state and protect jobs with a job retention scheme.”