IBAL Anti-Litter League 2011 Letterkenny adjudication

Letterkenny: Joint 38th out of 53 towns/cities surveyed.

Letterkenny: Joint 38th out of 53 towns/cities surveyed.

Litter Classification – Moderately Littered down from Litter free

There were six top ranking sites in Letterkenny but the overall ranking would have been significantly higher if it wasn’t for the two very heavily littered sites at Larkin’s Lane and the waste ground beside Century Cinemas – these both appear to have suffered long-term neglect and surely somebody must be held accountable for these sites? They may not be important areas but they are still part of Letterkenny. Lidl, McDonald’s and the Riverside Retail Office Park were all in very good order and clear of litter.

Polestar Roundabout to Dry Arch Roundabout: Grade A. This was a really fresh and clean approach route into Letterkenny – road surface / signage / markings were in excellent condition.

Oliver Plunkett Road and Town Centre: Grade A. There were several premises ‘For Sale/To Let’ and some pretty abandoned looking outlets – despite this, the site managed to get the top litter grade.

Site on Larkin’s Lane: Grade D. (small lane between Pearse Road Tyres and Auto Fast Fit). An appalling site which has been used as a dumping depot for old machinery and car parts – where does the responsibility lie for this site? It didn’t get to this state over night.

Waste ground beside Century Cinema: Grade C. This is an extensive area just across from Century Cinema – the only way to describe it is a waste-ground and it will only deteriorate further if not addressed. Again, who is responsible for this site?

Glenties Road from N13 Roundabout: Grade A. This was a really fresh and well presented route – all aspects of the road were in very good order and there was a complete absence of litter throughout.

Lidl: Grade A. A top ranking site throughout. The road surface / signage / markings, flower beds etc. were all in very good condition and there was a complete absence of litter, even in the flower beds.

N14 Lifford Approach Road: Grade B. If only the grass had been cleaned before it was cut – the freshly cut grass has resulted in ‘chopped-up’ litter.

McDonald’s Fast- Food: Grade A. This is a very well maintained environment with shrubbery, car park and food ordering / collection points all in very good order.

N13 Derry Approach Road: Grade B. Much of the litter along this road was food related and was located at an unofficial resting place for trucks / lorries.

Riverside Retail Office Park: Grade A. This was a very clean environment with the individual premises and public areas in good order. There was an absence of litter throughout.