“We will petrol bomb your house” - threat to mum

A troubled housing estate in Ballyshannon has exploded into the headlines again with sensational claims that a home would be petrol-bombed.

A troubled housing estate in Ballyshannon has exploded into the headlines again with sensational claims that a home would be petrol-bombed.

Allegations that a knife was brandished at one woman while another had her windows smashed have been made.

On numerous occasions this newspaper (see image on right) reported on troubles at the estate and how locals dubbed it like ‘living in hell’ - and for some this week it would appear things have returned to a crisis situation. However, other residents have countered this stating that all is not as bad as some would claim on the estate.

Local councillor Barry O’Neill convened an emergency meeting in the town’s local library last night where he said he would hope to restore calm and address the issues being raised. There had been claims that local councillors had been silent on the issue, but Cllr O’Neill refuted this, stating that he and other councillors were working every day to resolve the issues.

Two unidentified callers to a local radio station said they were living in fear of their lives because of anti-social behaviour against them and young members of their families.

One woman claimed that her 14-year-old son and his friend were beaten up twice within two days while another woman claimed she had a window put in on Monday morning and was living in fear for her life.

The first woman claimed on Ocean FM that there had been a number of incidents involving her son and unidentified others living on the estate. She claimed she was threatened by a man brandishing a Stanley knife who shouted: “I’m going to get your fella, you are going to be wiping off his face with blood.”

She alleged her son had been assaulted twice: “Basically they told him they were going to get him and they were true to their word. They waited for him after school and they hammered my young fella and another friend of his.

“My son had a bloody nose and a scrape on his nose. He was badly beaten.”

She claimed she had tried to make the peace with the person who had assaulted here son: “The lad who assaulted him came down the street. I told him this couldn’t go on. I asked him to shake hands and forget about it. ‘No it’s not, he said’, and he then produced a Stanley knife and flicked up the blade of the knife.”

The woman told the radio show: “There were three to five residents up the street watching him with this in his hand. He was shouting at me what he was going to do to my son.”

She alleged he then told her: “Your house will be petrol-bombed. We’re going to run you out of the house, he was telling me what he was going to my son. It was unreal. I was shocked. They also had a pitchfork or a rake and they were swinging that over and back. I was petrified.”

She claimed that she and her husband had since been formally cautioned by the gardai because they had allegedly used threatening language towards a man on the estate.

She further alleged that a number of people forced their way into her home yesterday morning and she was again told she would be “petrol-bombed”.

Another unidentified caller who described herself as a single mother with two children, from the estate, claimed her window had been smashed: “I’m going ballistic here, they put my windows in. I’m leaving here,” she said.