Gallagher's workers issue statement

Gallagher's workers issue statement

Gallagher's workers issue statement

A newly-formed workers' committee at Gallagher's Bakery issued the following statement yesterday afternoon.

"At a meeting of the rank and file workers in Gallagher's Bakery on Saturday, it was decided that a democratically-elected workers committee should be formed to represent the workers' interests and to fight to maintain what are, after all, valid jobs in a profit-making company.

"We have decided that it is absolutely disgraceful that a faceless bureaucrat in some office is going to rip the heart out of a local community for an extra few euro.

"This company does not care about people's lives and we the workers are going to fight with every inch of strength and energy to make sure we get what we deserve.

"We handed in a letter to management this morning on behalf of the workers and are awaiting a reply."

A spokesperson for the company said that management would not be making any comment at this time.

When the loss of 124 jobs was announced last Wednesday, Gallagher's managing director Declan Gallagher cited "deteriorating market conditions" as the main reason why the company had decided to cease production of its frozen range of products at the Ardara bakery.

"We have made capital investment in the site, streamlined production operations, cut our costs and introduced new product lines but ultimately to no avail. There is substantial over-capacity in the market and unfortunately the ‘frozen' business cannot be sustained in the long-term".

Mr Gallagher also said last Wednesday that "intensive negotiations with prospective buyers are currently underway to save the local Gallagher's ‘fresh' business". He indicated that up to 40 jobs, of the total 189 at Ardara, could be saved if the production of fresh goods continued, and up to a further 25 jobs could be provided at the Cuisine de France bakery in Dublin.