No saving Grace for canvassers

No saving Grace for canvassers

No saving Grace for canvassers

By Diarmaid Doherty

It's a message politicians and their canvassers should ignore at their peril.

Grace Kelly says she's had enough of empty promises and budget cuts. And with the campaign for election swinging into gear, she's not planning to offer a friendly hello to any party activists who call to her door.

"To be honest, I don't want to see them at all," she said. "I'm just fed up. They needn't bother calling here, we won't be answering."

Grace, who lives at Braide, Lifford, with her mother Kitty, took early retirement as a clerical officer at Letterkenny General Hospital last year. She says before she left her job, she was hit with levy charges but since the latest budget cuts have come on stream, she now finds herself hit even harder with Universal Social charges and pension levies.

"To be honest, my mum's situation is just as annoying," Grace continued. "They reckon the over-65s won't be affected but she has lost 8 euro from her monthly pension from Donegal Co. Council. You wonder what's the relevance in taking money like that off someone who is 80-years-old."

Yesterday, Grace prepared a laminated sign which is now stuck on her front door warning politicians and political parties that they won't be welcome between now and the election. "We've made our minds up who we'll be voting for," she said.

"There are two politicians who will always get our vote because of the help we have received in the past and they know who they are. But this time, we've decided that enough is enough."