Students suspended after Letterkenny town centre assault

Students suspended after Letterkenny town centre assault

Students suspended after Letterkenny town centre assault

Declan Magee

Three students at one of Donegal's biggest schools have been suspended after one boy was left hospitalised following an assault by another student in the centre of Letterkenny.

Three second year students at St. Eunan's College have been suspended after the incident in which one boy received an injury to his face. He has been released from hospital and is said to be recovering well.

The incident occurred in a car park off the Main Street at lunchtime on Monday and involved. Witnesses say at least 30 students from the school had gathered around two boys when the assault occurred. The assault was recorded on mobile phones and the footage shows a crowd of students surrounding the boys who appear to be preparing to fight. Another hooded student then appears from the crowd and punches one of the boys in the face. A spokesman for Letterkenny Garda Station said garda were aware of the incident but no formal complaint has been made.

Principal of St. Eunan's College, Chris Darby, said the incident was being taken very seriously by the school. He

said it has been made clear to the all the school's students that such behaviour will not be tolerated by the school.

"We will not tolerate the school's good name being brought into disrepute," he said. "Not only was I very annoyed

at the people who were involved in the actual incident, but I was very upset that there was a number of spectators from the school who made the atmosphere very uncomfortable on the Main Street."

Mr. stressed that the vast majority of students at the school are very well behaved. "They go down town and they don't cause any trouble and they are courteous. But there is a small minority who are bringing the school into disrepute and we are very disappointed with them."

Mr. Derby said anyone who behaves in such a manner will be dealt with very severely. He said there has been three "long-term" suspensions, a number of other students have been spoken to and there have been detentions. He has also spoken to parents, he said.

He added the incident would not mean students will be kept on the school campus at lunch time. "I am not going to punish 800-odd students who go down the town and behave themselves and give business to local shops, just because a few boys feel that they can do what they like."