Hugh Green tops ‘rich list’

A number of prominent Donegal people have featured on the latest list of Irelands wealthiest people.

A number of prominent Donegal people have featured on the latest list of Irelands wealthiest people.

Topping the Sunday Times annual list is Donegal born New Zealand resident Hugh Green.

He comes in at number 39 on the 160 long list having made a n211million fortune through his family run business of construction and financing.

He left for the southern hemisphere and Australia in 1950 before settling in New Zealand where he raised a family of five. Although he never returned to settle down in Ireland the 79-year-old great grandfather is still a regular visitor to home shores.

His companies are now run by his daughter Maryanne.

Gaoth Dobhair born musician Enya has an estimated wealth of €97m gained by her world wide popularity selling over 70million albums placing her, along with her business partners Nicky and Roma Ryan, at joint 86th on the list.

Riverdance duo, Moya Doherty and John McColgan are estimated to be worth n80m with the continued success for the world touring Riverdance show. They are also involved with TV production company Tyrone Productions leaving them at joint 109 on the rich list.

Patrick Doherty and his family run Harcourt Developments and listed as being worth in the region of n75m.

The 69-year-old and his family owns an equal shares of the firm and their six hotels.

Last year his wealth was estimate at n106m and he placed at 77th on the list now he features at joint 113.

In another sign of the impact of the global recession Kilmacrennan hotelier and property tycoon, Jim McGettigan has also moved to joint 113 on the list. They estimate Mr McGettigans wealth to n75m and last year he was placed at number 62 on the rich list.

UK based Telecomms and utilities Tim Kelly is a new entry on the list. 57-year-old Mr Kelly owns Harrow based Kelly Communications is understood to worth n70m.

Killybegs woman Vera McHugh is listed as being worth n55m. This largely comes from fishing and the inheritance she received from her husband Kevin McHugh. Mr McHugh had operated the largest fishing trawler in the world and left n48m to his wife following his death in 2009.