Larkin could be added to FF ticket

Larkin could be added to FF ticket

Larkin could be added to FF ticket

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Cllr. Larkin said he had contacted Cllr. Blaney on Sunday night and again on Monday morning, to express his interest in putting his name forward.

"I thought I never would make this call to him, and I asked him for his support and obviously his family and the rest of the organisation, which I have tremendous respect and time for," Cllr. Larkin said.

With just two gaps, between 1938-1943, and 1995-1997, there has been a Blaney in Dil Eireann since 1927.

The Letterkenny-based councillor said he knew the race would not be easy. "I'm realistic enough to know it's very tough for a Fianna Fil candidate," Cllr. Larkin said. But the father of four said he knew the issues and was "close to the ground" through his work on the council.

Letterkenny councillor Ciaran Brogan yesterday ruled himself out of contention for a Fianna Fil nomination. Last month he withdrew his nomination amid speculation that he was considering running as an independent candidate. Yesterday he said he was not going to change his mind.

"I have met with my people and consulted with them and made my decision," he said. Cllr. Brogan said, "It is a time for cool heads and some strategic thinking about what is best for the party going forward so we maximise the Fianna Fil vote and ensure that we get one seat. I believe there is only one seat there for us to get and it will not be an easy election."

The Tnaiste and Minister for Education and Skills, Mary Coughlan, TD, yesterday rubbished speculation that she would not contest the General Election. The Tnaiste was ratified as a candidate in Donegal South West at a January 9 convention in Glenties and "is fully focused on the campaign ahead," a spokesperson said.