Bunbeg man 'was pulling out his teeth', court hears

Bunbeg man 'was pulling out his teeth', court hears

Bunbeg man 'was pulling out his teeth', court hears

A Bunbeg man who pulled out his own teeth and refused medical treatment, despite ringing for an ambulance 30 times on one day.

James Reddin (47) of Meenaladdy, Meenlaragh, appeared at Dungloe District Court on Tuesday after being arrested at his home on foot of five bench warrants. Defence solicitor Cormac Hartnett said that his client was entering a guilty plea to a number of charges, while Garda Inspector Sylvie Henry said the state was agreeable to striking out a number of other charges, in light of the plea.

Garda Denise Casserly told the court that, on Sunday, she responded to a call from the ambulance service. "They asked us to call to Mr Reddin's home as he had phoned approximately 30 times that day asking for an ambulance to attend. They went to his house two or three times but he refused to be seen when they arrived, and refused to go to hospital. When I arrived, he was covered in blood from head to toe. We didn't know what had caused it. He needed to be seen to, but wouldn't go, and became aggressive.

"We eventually got him to Glenties Garda Station and called a doctor, who told us he believed Mr Reddin had extracted a number of his own teeth that day. Mr Reddin kept insisting that he had a perforated stomach. He was brought to Letterkenny A&E that night."

Judge Seamus Hughes asked what the defendant's mood had been like. Garda Casserly replied: "He was very, very drunk and he was aggressive."

Garda Casserly said she had also dealt with the defendant in relation to another of the five charges. "We received a call on October 24 last that a man was causing a disturbance on Main Street, Dungloe. When we spoke with him, he was ranting and roaring at us and shouting in the street. There were lots of people about, we had no choice but to arrest him."

The court also heard details of three other incidents. On December 17, 2009, he was arrested at 5.40am for "trying to force his way past a porter to gain access to Gallagher's Hotel, Letterkenny while highly intoxicated." On November 29 last, he was arrested for "annoying customers in a local supermarket" on Main Street, Falcarragh. On that occasion, he refused to leave when directed by garda, and shouted at customers."

Garda Inspector Sylvie Henry told the court that the defendant had a number of previous convictions, including burglary, a drugs offence, and a number of public order offences.

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