Brave gardaí save drowning woman in Dungloe

Brave gardaí save drowning woman in Dungloe

Brave gardaí save drowning woman in Dungloe

by sue doherty

Quick-thinking garda have been praised for saving the life of a woman they plucked from freezing waters in Dungloe on Tuesday.

Garda Inspector Sylvie Henry told The Donegal Democrat yesterday:

"Three garda were escorting a prisoner from Dungloe Court back to Letterkenny when, at 12.20pm, they noticed a woman going into Dungloe Lake at the Little Bridge. Part of the lake was frozen and she was going under.

"Garda Paul McGee and Garda Darren Carter went into the water and dragged the woman back to safety, assisted by Garda Mulroe. It was excellent work on the part of the lads, who are all based at Letterkenny Garda Station. By being sharply observant and acting immediately, they definitely saved this woman's life. There's no doubt that hypothermia would have set in very quickly."

A local resident, whose house overlooks the lake, witnessed the rescue. He told the Shaun Doherty show: "I was making a phone call when I saw the garda van turn and go directly to the lake, Three of the garda got out of the van and two jumped straight into the lake. There was a lady in the water. They pulled her out and saved her life. All praise to the two guards that jumped in because they were in full gear. They didn't have time to take anything off, they jumped straight into the water and it was ice cold."

The middle-aged woman from Dungloe was taken by ambulance to Letterkenny General Hospital. The garda changed into dry uniforms and resumed their duties.