Proposal to rescind parking charges defeated

Proposal to rescind parking charges defeated

Proposal to rescind parking charges defeated


A proposal to rescind the parking charges which were previously imposed by Bundoran Town Council at the town's Tullan Strand Car Park was defeated at the monthly meeting of Bundoran Town Council yesterday.

Cllr. Eamon Barrett proposed that there should be no charges for car parking at what he described as "one of the most scenic areas in the town"

Cllr. Barrett said, "In the past we have received negative publicity in the press over the parking charges in the town.

"I agree with the parking charges in the centre of the town but we now have the opportunity to create some favourable publicity by introducing free car parking in an area full of amenities.

"This is an area used by surfers, walkers and for general leisure and not just by tourists but also by locals."

Cllr. Sean Mc Eniff suggested a counter measure by proposing that charges be imposed inside the enclosed area but that parking would remain free outside.

Cllr. Michael McMahon said that he wished to put it on record that he opposed this move and said that it was a retrograde step.

He said, "When these charges were introduced both the town and the country were booming - they are not anymore.

"There is plenty of parking in this town, empty spaces everywhere yet we have a parking attendant going around slapping tickets on cars - I do not want to see this happening at Tullan Strand."

Cllr. Denise Connolly said, "I agree that there should be charges in the commercial area of the town but not at Tullan Strand.

"We have no lifeguards up there on a beach which is highly unsafe for bathing, no secure access and no facilities, yet we want to charge people for parking and taking a walk around our beautiful coast.

"It is a crazy idea and was rushed through the last time. We should be providing facilities for our visitors - not deterrents."

Cllr. Elizabeth McIntyre said, "I have always voted against the proposals to introduce car parking charges in this area but it is quite obvious we are not going to reach agreement here.

"There are approximately 36 spaces outside the enclosed area which will be free and I will be supporting the compromise"

The Chairman of the Town Council, Cllr. Sean McEniff called for a vote on the issue and the counter-proposal to retain parking charges only inside the enclosed area was carried.