700 at large in Donegal

700 at large in Donegal

700 at large in Donegal

A District Judge has warned that he will not tolerate defendants not showing up in Donegal's courts come the New Year.

Judge Seamus Hughes said there are over 700 bench warrants in existence for those failing to appear in court to answer various charges and in the new year he will clamp down strongly on this.

He stated: "Far too many people in this district do not turn up in court when they should."

He said there was approximately 700 bench warrants in existence in the jurisdiction meaning there are "700 persons at large" in the county.

"It has got out of hand and I won't tolerate it," he added.

He said in future he will consider holding those arrested on bench warrants in custody to get his message across.

He made his comments during the case of a man who failed to turn up in court on a previous occasion claiming he did not receive the summons as he had changed address.