Riverdance and China beckon for two Burtonport men

Producers of promotion Destination Dungloe video land a plum contract

Tom Comack


Tom Comack


Riverdance and China beckon for two Burtonport men

Shaun Doogan, on left Mary from Dungloe Caroline O'Donnell and Ciaran McCann pictured during the making of the Destination Dungloe video

The two young Burtonport men behind the hit ‘Destination Dungloe’ video have landed a contract with Riverdance Productions and are off to China.  

Shaun Doogan and Ciaran McCann who produced the five minute long promotional video for the Dungloe Community Network, were in Dublin on Wednesday to meet executives from Riverdance productions.

“They want us to go to China for two weeks at the end of the month to film the Riverdance tour of China,” Shaun Doogan told the Democrat.

“They were on the phone to us last week after seeing the ‘Destination Donegal’ video, and to be honest when we got the call first we thought it was someone taking a hand.

“But when we realised it was true we were gobsmacked and naturally we jumped at the idea. It is a great opportunity for us and takes us to a new level.”

Shaun and Ciaran who are former students at Letterkenny IT only set up their production company Re-Act Productions last year.

“The video has gone down really well,” Shaun said.

“We are finding it hard to believe and we’ve had numerous queries about it and because we have done it in a trailer type format, people have been asking when is the film coming out.

“There is no film and there won’t be because it is not what we do.”

The video shows the current Mary from Dungloe, Caroline O'Donnell,  who is a native of the town, being sent to Dungloe to infiltrate the locals and get them on side for her boss, played by Mark Sharkey, Chief Executive of the Templecrone Co-op, who wants to build a nuclear power plant in the town.

It is made in the form of a James Bond film and features some of the business premises and historic sites around Dungloe as well as some breathtaking scenery around the Rosses.

“We did everything from writing the script to filming and editing the whole package. It took us three weeks to film and we spent another week of long days and nights editing it.”

The video was produced for the Dungloe Community Network as part of their submission for the town’s entry in the Bank of Ireland Enterprise Town of the Year.

“The judges for the Town of the Year were in the town last week and we showed them the video and they were blown away with it.

“We are really pleased how it turned out and we have been totally gobsmacked with how it has gone down with the public.”