Denis Ward retires from The Cope in Dungloe after 50 years in menswear

Tom Comack


Tom Comack


Denis  Ward retires from The Cope in Dungloe after 50 years in menswear

Denis Ward receives a painting of the Old Cope from Mark Sharkey CEO of the Templecrone Co-op to mark his retirement

After half a century of loyal and dedicated service, one of the Templecrone Co-ops most loyal and dedicated members of staff has finally locked up shop and retired.

Denis Ward, who completed 50 year working in the Cope at the end of May retired last Saturday without any great pomp and ceremony.
“Denis is a simple man and did not want any fuss or big celebration. But he did allow us have a tea party in the department for him,” marketing manager for the Cope, Crona Bonner told the Democrat.
Tributes to Denis were led on Saturday evening by current chief executive of the Templecrone Co-op Mark Sharkey.
“Denis was a loyal and dedicated member who always went way above the call of duty. If Denis ever went missing from home Dolores and the girls alway knew where to find him. He was sure to be in the Cope,” Mr Sharkey told the gathering of work colleagues.
Denis joined the Cope on May 31, 1968 and was appointed to the menswear department. The late Eddie McCullagh, Quay Road, was his first manager and the late John Fluke Gallagher, Mill Road, was also working in the menswear department at the time.

In passing the 50 year mark he joined a unique group who gave half a century of service to the iconic retail outlet in west Donegal.
Paddy ‘the Cope’ Gallagher, founder of the Cope, 60 years, Dan Deery, 51 years, Fred Sweeney,Patrick ‘Panda’ Ward and Peter Boyle, all 50 years are the other with 50 plus years' service to the Cope.

Denis was presented with a painting of the old Cope building on Main Street and the golden envelope by the company. He also received a number of gifts from fellow employees.
He is to remain on the board of directors of the Cope.