Postman Owen to officially open this year's Burtonport Summer festival

Tom Comack


Tom Comack


Postman Owen  to officially open Burtonport Summer festival

Burtonport Summer Festival

Dungloe postman Owen Coyle will officially open this year's Burtonport Festival.
In keeping with a long tradition dating back to the early days, the festival committee has turned to someone from the local area.
“This is the 42nd Burtonport festival and as always we are staying local for the person to open the festival,” explained David Alcorn, a former festival director and the current PRO of the Burtonport Development Committee.
We have opted for a man who has just turned 60 and is a good family and a good community man.

Deserved honour
“Owen Coyle is the man and no better man and more deserving of the honour.
“Owen is a good man and and is a good community man and very popular.”
The festival opens on Friday night, July 20 and runs for eight days until the following Sunday, July 28.
The official opening is on Saturday night, July 21
And once again the festival committee have come up with a varied programme.