Coming Home to You

Donegal author pens a book that may help change your life

By Michelle NicPhaidin


By Michelle NicPhaidin


Donegal author pens a book that may help change your life

Author Mary McGuire

A Ballyshannon woman has recently released a book which explores a difficult life and the lessons she has learnt as a result of it. 

Mary McGuire is the daughter of poor Irish Catholic parents and is an expert on personal transformation. Her new book 'Coming Home to You' shares how she overcame a painful childhood of bullying in inner city Birmingham, living with a gentle and quiet father who struggled with alcoholism and bringing the love of her life, Joy, home to her parents. 

Mary now teaches the importance of self-acceptance and positivity. Her talents as an Organisational and Transformation Consultant brings her across the globe. 

Her new book is a touching guide which shows us that our troubles can make us stronger. The reader learns about the skills needed to thrive in life, through Mary’s honest examples of her own hardship. The book focuses on resilience, courage, being authentic, positivity and confidence. 

With practical exercises, this enlightening guide helps you to accept the nature of change, release negative emotions, and live in the present.

You can purchase the book in the Four Masters bookshop in Donegal town and in shops in Ballyshannon where Mary has now lived for the past seven years.