Facebook post hits the right note for musician

Donegal musician reunited with his first guitar

By Michelle NicPhaidin


By Michelle NicPhaidin



Donegal musician reunited with his first guitar

The well-known musician, Pat Gallagher, has been reunited with his first guitar after a Facebook post prompted him to search for the instrument. 

'Goats Don't Shave' singer, Pat Gallagher, began to look for his first guitar after seeing a picture of him playing it at a St. Patrick's day gig in 1985 was posted to the site. 

The post caused a flurry of activity online and eventually the guitar was found in a wardrobe in Dungloe. 

The talented singer/songwriter said that the guitar had also spent a decade in Milford.

A four inch nail had been hammered into the side of the guitar but this was fixed by Patsy Gallagher who restored it to its former glory.

The 'Goats Don't Shave' are still in high demand and will travel to England and Scotland later this year.