Stop smoking with new clinic locator from HSE

7 out of 10 smokers want to quit

Staff Reporter


Staff Reporter


Stop smoking with new clinic locator from HSE

Most people try to quit smoking a number of times before they succeed

A new updated  Health Service Executive (HSE) website geared to help people give up smoking for good has been launched.

Statistics show that seven out of 10 smokers would like to quit.

In a bid to encourage those who have tried to give up before, the HSE say that many try on more than one occasion to quit, before they succeed. The website has been recently updated to include the most comprehensive map of HSE smoking cessation support clinics around Ireland.  

The HSE has 74 smoking cessation clinics around Ireland in community and hospital settings to help support you quit smoking for good.

They urge people to browse their new clinic locator to find a smoking cessation support clinic near you:

Trained smoking cessation practitioners provide expert advice, support and encouragement to help you quit smoking for good at the clinics.  Thousands of people have stopped smoking with their help.

“We provide local face to face, one to one, and group support smoking cessation clinics. Getting the right support means that you are twice as likely to be successful and quit for good. Combine that with Nicotine Replacement Therapy or another quit smoking medication and you’ll increase your chances even more,” they say.  

QUIT services are available free of charge:

Face to face support:

Telephone support: Freephone 1800 201 203. Freetext QUIT to 50100       

Online support:  Email:

Social media support: Facebook:    

Tweet: @HSEQuitTeam